Monday, April 18, 2011

Party Fun

On Saturday we went to one of Aaron's school friends 6th Birthday Party. It rained really heavy all morning and early afternoon, but thankfully stopped around 2pm and came out nice & hot. It was a pool party, so would have been a bit sad if it kept raining.
The kids had great fun in the pool. Lots of things to play with!

Maddison claimed this swim ring as her own! hehee
It was really hot, but I didn't bring Samuel's togs as he has a very snotty nose. But I did give his legs a dip :-) He thought it was heaps of fun.

After the pool there was food and of course cake :-)
Why did I dress Maddison in yellow when she's devouring chocolate cake? I have scrubbed and scrubbed at the stains - hopefully they come out in the wash!
Now Aaron is asking all the time when his birthday is (even though he knows) and when I tell him it's after Samuel's, Maddison's and mine he gets VERY upset and doesn't want to be last! hahaa :-) Not a lot I can do that about sorry mate!
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topkatnz said...

lovin those boy cupcakes:) I missed out on the cupcake craze! probably a good thing!heehee

Steeped in Beautea said...

love the new banner. Aww loks like everyone had a great time. Master S looks pretty happy with his lot. Had a wee giggle at the army men on the cupcakes....