Friday, April 29, 2011

iPad2 Fever!

Last night Lyndon found out that the iPad2 was going to be at the Apple store in the mall close to us at 10am so he asked me if I could go and get him one! Okay no problems I can do that :-)
He phones me on his way to work (8.30am) and said he was pretty sure there was a queue so maybe I should get down to the store! Huh ... I don't think so! I didn't even have Maddison dressed for school let alone finished her breakfast!
Anyway I made my way down there about 9.40am and joined the queue - I was about number 60! I have NEVER done anything like this in my life before ... the things you do for your best friend heheee I was the only pale face in line (seriously I was!). The doors to the shop opened just on 10am and I thought there might have been a bit of a mad scramble but no it was very orderly and 2 customers at a time went in and when they came out with their purchase the next 2 went in! :-) But sooooooo slow ... at 10.30am only 10 had been sold! I was thinking ... man this is going to be hours before I can go back home and I wished I had bought my book to read!
I didn't have much longer to wait though because one of the staff came out about 5 minutes later and said all the 3G models had been sold. So I just left hehee Someone said they only had 50 units, but I think 20 might have been more realistic.
I took a photo as I left!

I went upstairs to Harvey Normans and they had a big sign outside saying iPad2 sold out - more stock arriving tomorrow. So I asked one of the sales staff if I could order one. Yes I could - fill out this form and pay and they would phone when it arrived. But I said you have stock coming in tomorrow, I'll have one of those! :-) hehee No Mam I can't do that - they are for the people who queue!
So if Lyndon is really desperate for an iPad2 he can go and queue tomorrow morning and see if he's lucky enough to get one (can you just imagine him sitting outside the store waiting for it to open playing angry birds on his iPad1 heheee).
Hope your morning was spend better than mine!
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Penny said...

ha ha! I'd like an iPad2 too. But... too expensive for now, especially since we've got an iPad 1 already ;P

Mariam said...

Hahahaha!!! Poor Lyndon. Dalya loves the iPad too! But we just use my mum's. Sure would love iPad2 for myself. I love my iphone apps. I dun get the angry bird fever.

topkatnz said...

OMG! lifestyles of the rich and famous...

Mrs Frizz said...

so ... have to ask ... did he get one over the weekend???