Wednesday, April 13, 2011

13 April

Today the big guy in our house had a birthday ... you know the one where apparently your life begins! hahahaa
The kids decided to choose a card each out of my card box to give him. Maddison picked one with lots of glitter ;-)

A month or so ago Lyndon bought himself a watch and I was a bit mean and said "Oh good I'll put that away and the kids can give it to you for your birthday!" hehee (well it's not as if he didn't have any other watch to wear! ;-) haha)
This photo cracks me up ... so typical of the kids. Aaron putting his head RIGHT in the way so he can see (don't worry about obstructing anyone else's view!) and Maddison is sneakily trying to open the next present hehee :-)
Aaron saw what he needed to so started opening the other end!
Not sure who exactly is going to use this gadget the most! Aaron has already spied a program on it that he uses at school. He's asked me about 15 times this afternoon if he can play it. Thankfully I was able to say that it was actually Daddy's birthday present and it was still charging!
I made a VERY sticky rich Tan Slice for Lyndon to take to work to share with his colleagues. It was sticky because the condensed milk we have over here is different to what I am used to in NZ - it's not as thick here. Anyway Lyndon said it was pretty good! :-)

And today I baked a banana cake for him to share with some friends this evening. I put lemon icing on it.
Today this little guy is 11 months old! Man time flies! He doesn't sit still much now. I am finding it hard to get in focus shots when I sit him down ;-)
I am also thinking he might be needing a wee hair cut! :-)
Hehee I just had to share this pic ... he woke from his morning sleep so hot and sweaty! His hair was drenched like he'd just got out of the shower!
After dinner tonight he tried some strawberries. He's quite partial to them!
Anyone for a kiss?? ;-)
No ... are you sure??
Oh he cracks me up - the messy little pup.
I cleaned up the table a bit and when I got back he'd wiped his hands all over his face and it looked like he had some sort of terrible skin condition or very bad sunburn! hehee I popped him straight in the bath.
So there he was all nice and clean and while I was bathing Aaron I could hear Maddison and Samuel giggling and playing nicely together and I thought to myself "that's nice to hear"! I didn't think they were up to mischief as she often makes him giggle by playing peek-a-boo with him. Ha ... little did I know! This was NOT what I wanted to see when I walked out the bathroom door I assure you!
Samuel obviously thought it was time for a bit more powder!
I ended up just rubbing a dry towel over Samuel, putting him in Aaron & Maddison's room and closed the door and asked Aaron to play with him while I cleaned up the mess and gave Maddison her bath!
And I have to share this because it did make me laugh ... after Maddison was out of the bath and I was drying her, she looked at me and said "Mummy my bosom isn't big"!! She sounded so sad about it!! I admit to laughing out loud! I assured her that it was fine that her "bosom" was small and there would be plenty of time for it to grow and in fact she would probably wish it wasn't so big! hahaa
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Steeped in Beautea said...

Happy Birthday Lyndon. Love the shots where A and M are helping daddy open his pressie. Wow 11 months has flown by, where as that time gone. Master S is certainly turning into a toddler. Had to have a wee giggle at the mischief he and Miss M got up too after his bath lol. Awww kids say the cutest things...Janine NZ

Penny said...

Happy birthday Lyndon! Enjoy that iPad :) Ours gets a workout from all the family.

Samwell is certainly growing up!

Had to giggle at M's comment. Have had similar conversations with Lydia. :)

topkatnz said...

So young to be having body image issues...Happy Birthday Lyndon!

Mrs Frizz said...

Chuckled over the small bosom ... poor child!!!!

and that powder ... OMG, I really laughed and I mean really laughed looking at those pics and your blogging of the story.

Roanna said...

You have to scrapbook Maddison's comments for her 21st birthday. I laughed and laughed.