Saturday, December 11, 2010

What we got up to today

We had a busy but fun morning today :-) Aunty Irene came and once we were organised we headed to a park to feed the turtles.
But the catfish (which were enormous) didn't give the turtles a chance! No wonder they were so big - their hoover-like mouths just scooped up the bread like you wouldn't believe! Boys are they such ugly fish!
Look at them just pushing the turtles out of the way!

We saw lots of young monkeys playing about in the trees :-) I had to tell Aunty Ruth NOT to get too close!! I didn't really want to rush off to hospital with her and get her rabies vaccination done!

Aaron & Maddison spent a short while in the playground ...
Love this pic ... cheeky wee thing!
and when they were very red in the face, we went and sat by the creek and watched them cool off in there :-)
The water is sort of clean ... it just looks filthy because of the colour of the sand/gravel.
Samuel enjoyed watching from my knee

The boats were great fun too :-)

Samuel loved jumping up and down in the water ... he didn't really have a sleep there, so was a bit restless! Splashing in the water helped get the fidgets out hehehe

We came home for lunch and TRIED to get the kids to have a sleep, but that was a bit of a wasted effort! Anyway some of us had a nap hehee :-)
After dinner and kids had their showers they opened Christmas presents from Aunty Irene ...
SO exciting! :-)

Then Aunty Irene took Mum and Aunty Ruth for a bit of a tour of the city to see the lights and other sights! :-)
Kids were in bed and asleep by 7.20pm hehee :-)
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annieambriel said...

Lovely pics of the day out! Thanks for sharing.. no likey the catfish too.. :)

angelgurl said...

wow at what you have been up to in the last week. Ewww those catfish are ugly lol.....Looks like the kids have had a blast with end of year activities. Soundslike the class you took went well. It is interesting to see how kids appraoch things - detail or a rush job lol. Sounds like you all had a blast. It's great your mum and sister have been able to share with you in the fun. How cool Aunty Irene, was able to take them out for a tour as well.

teacher jessy said...

Kids looked like they have tons of fun digging and playing! What an awesome outing and as always thanks for sharing the photos!!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

where is this? i wanna play in the creek!