Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Help ... Ben 10 Invasion!

Aaron has a day off school today ... he very nearly couldn't get to sleep last night he was so excited! A day off school, Grandma coming and he thinks he's having McDonalds for lunch! (we'll see about that!)
Anyway this morning I told them to get dressed and no he didn't have to wear his school uniform ... I heard the pair of them discussing what to wear and then Aaron said "I know Maddison, you can wear my red Ben 10 shirt and I'll wear the big one and we can be Ben 10 together"!!! Thanks buddy!
So here's the Ben 10 invasion ...

They spent 2 seconds tipping out the box of blocks and box of duplo this morning and it took them about 45 minutes with lots of encouragement and then threats to pick it all up again! Sigh ...

I am about to start a cookie baking marathon shortly. I have got together all my cookie cutters and Aaron is full of helpful advice on who gets what shape! First up though is a batch or two of gingerbread men.
Back later with pics! :-) Unless the Ben 10's gobble them all up! hahaa
Mean while Samuel is teething again ... 3 teeth at once this time! All at the top - if only Ben 10 could pull them through so the poor little guy could sleep easy at night!
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Penny said...

I'm baking too - convention baking. Made 52 Oat, walnut, choc-chip cookies last night. Now I've run out of butter!

Sonya said...

Hehe I remember the days of blocks and toys and the 'picking -up' ordeals. Many a time I would sing the Barney Song.."Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere, clean up, clean up, everybody do their share... " only to look around and find that was the only one left picking anything up was me! :-)

Orrr seems so long ago now..
Hope the baking went well.

Sonya said...

...and find that the only one left picking up was me.. Sorry mistake with my typing up there!