Thursday, December 9, 2010

A sprinkled mess!

This morning Mum, Aunty Ruth, Maddison, Samuel & I were up and off early to Aaron's school. We had all we needed for the kids to decorate a container of cookies each! :-) So much fun to watch them hehee
I'd put 10 cookies in a container with their name on it, and had them in groups of 4 sharing the sprinkles (rainbow & chocolate), chocolate buttons, pink chocolate buttons, silver balls and 4 bags of icing (2 white, 1 pink and 1 green). I just put the icing into zip-lock plastic bags and when we were ready to start snipped a tiny hole in one corner of each bag ... BUT a tip ... if you do this spend the extra money and get heavier plastic bags and not the sandwich ones (which was what I used)! A lot of the bags split which was such a shame. I would have been better to put the icing into containers and they use ice block sticks to scoop it out. (Which is what they did but from the bag!). Anyway I will know for next time! :-)
So here's a few photos ... Aaron contemplating how to "dress" his gingerbread man. :-)

Grandma helping put the icing on for his buttons.
His 1st two cookies done.
Maddison had a turn too ... she decorated three cookies and promptly ate them all! heheee
While this little fella was so good and sat in his pram playing with his toes :-)
I got a pic of Aaron when he got home from school with this container of cookies :-)

It was really interesting to watch the kids actually. Some were such perfectionists in their decorating, others didn't really care ... they were just having fun and their cookies were really messy hehee. And others decorated, ate, decorated, and ate till they only had a couple left! Hummmm ... sugar rush!
I told the kids that there was to be NO licking of the spoons ... they were just there for spooning out the sprinkles etc. But you can imagine that no-one took any notice of that rule hehee. I caught Aaron licking and when I told him off he said "No Mummy, I didn't lick the spoon, I was licking the wooden stick!" Ha ... I should have been more specific I suppose! ;-)
Looking forward to making Christmas cards with them tomorrow afternoon. Card kits all done, extra stuff ready, just need to make sure I take it all with me!
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Yeong Shong said...

oh....that's a super fun thing to do!!!!! write that down on my mental note....will use it when needed....

Anonymous said...

so adorable.. i do love to see children craft, and how lovely he has decorated your gingerbread. Thanks for sharing :)

Penny said...

you are brave! Think it would drive me nuts doing that with a class full of kids.
I laughed at M's philosophy - seize the cookie rather than deferring the gratification ;P

Shirl said...

OOoh..I bet it was great great fun! Now Aaron has buttons on his gingerbread man! LOL

Btw, love your new title pic!

Have a great weekend and will be looking forward to the cardmaking sessions! :)

Anonymous said...

How fun! It's always really interesting watching kids decorate things, the colours and patterns they choose, etc. I am always amazed to watch it! Lovely photos of a special event.

P.S. Love all your cards and layouts in the other posts, too! Creativity all round at your house!