Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hua Hin ...

We have just spent a week in Hua Hin in Thailand :-) It was wonderful and I wish we had longer! Unfortunately we didn't have internet access at the place we stayed, so I am updating this now we have arrived in Bangkok.
Last Tuesday (21st Dec) we were up VERY early to catch a taxi to Central Station, then we jumped on a bus to go to the LCCT airport. Here's the kids waiting in the lift lobby on their trunkies!

On the bus at Bangkok airport - we got off the plane onto this bus which took us to the terminal (thank goodness we didn't have to walk as it was nearly a 10 minute bus ride!!!!!) Samuel was fast asleep in the front pack :-)
Lyndon had organised a driver to take us to our apartment in Hua Hin - about a 3 hour drive. Very nice van with dvd player! So the kids were VERY quiet the whole journey hehee
We found this place on line and it was just awesome. Apartment blocks both sides (about 300 apartments at a guess I didn't do an actual count!) and down between was a series of pools which were all connected. It was beautiful. They went right down to the beach as well! This first pic is taken near the top end and there are 2 pools behind me. Just past that bridge is the water slide which Aaron absolutely loved! :-)
Down at the beach end looking back towards the apartments.
I went to the top of our apartment block one day and tried to get an overall picture, but wasn't very successful. Anyway you get a bit of an idea ... and you can see the sea in the background.
We arrived late Tuesday afternoon and once we had settled in and unpacked our stuff, had a quick look around we decided to go for a walk and find some food. Just across the road there was this great market. We were so pleased we went because we didn't realise until the next day that its only on Tuesdays!
Here's some pics for my New Zealand readers heehee ;-)
Fish & flies ...
Crabs tied with rubber bands.
This stand specialised in catfish - still flopping in the bucket! You could buy them live, have them cut, or smoked/cooked on the coals. (we passed on that thanks!)
Lots of fruit & veg stands.
Pork belly strips, frogs (with their bellies hanging out and their legs crossed!), and more catfish.
Pigs heads ... flies optional.
Fresh pork bellies with raisins hehehee
We didn't buy any fresh meat! But we did buy some chicken & rice from this lady. It was very nice.
We really enjoyed the pools, especially the water slide. I have some bruises to prove it!
Samuel "talking" about it all hehee
Our little mermaid!
3 little early risers!! No sleepins on holiday with this lot I tell you! This particular morning they were all up at 5.30am! Yawn yawn.
So much more to show & tell, but I will save it for another post. It's late and we've had a busy day, packing up, travelling up to Bangkok and a huge walk to a market that doesn't exist anymore! hahaa :-)
Thanks for visiting and I will apologise in advance for not visiting your blog this week! I think I will be doing a catch up when I get back home.


allthingspurple said...

YOur little mermaid even have flowers tucked behind her ears..cute!!and those trunkies..I missed them so. My chubby AShley is too heavy to sit on them now so I don't bring them along anymore.
Your pics on the market are awesome, esp those sprinkled with raisins *grin*. And good lord, those pig heads are for consumption?
Sure looks like you guys had a splashing holiday!!

Penny said...

looks like a great place!

topkatnz said...

Looks and sounds like you are having a great break - I'm jealous! catch you next year!

topkatnz said...

oooooooh, those pig heads are creepy!

blairsboys said...

Wow, what a neat holiday!! Awesome pics, thanks for sharing them with us. I hope you had a fabulous Christmas as well! :-)

Mrs Frizz said...

okay, I have to be honest ... I so DO NOT do flies ... g.r.o.s.s.

I've also decided I don't do crabs, pigs heads, catfish, things with their stomachs hanging out ... nor do I do FLIES!!!!

Apartments look fabulous and so too do the pools ... but I'm thinking that I might pass on the bruising from the slide - lol ...

and I will pass on the 5.30 am starts ... OMG, thankfully we are well and truly over that!!!

Darla said...

your kiddos are SO cute! We really need to get together...

lesnor123 said...

Very nice blog…lovely pics…so the little angels were all up bright and early? Lol…so glad you had a good time…my little brood did the same thing though they spent a great night at our Hua Hin hotel and clamored to be taken out…anyway I am glad they liked it!