Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Cards ...

This afternoon Mum, Aunty Ruth and I went to Aaron's class for a card making session. It was VERY full on. Next time I offer to do something like this I am going to ask for a morning session! The afternoon was crazy! I actually asked the teacher if they had consumed all the cookies that we iced yesterday this morning ... seriously it was like most of them were on a high! hahaa
It was fun though and I think most of them enjoyed it. But since it was very full on and hands on for us as helpers, it wasn't till the end that Mum said to me ... we haven't taken any photos! Oh well ... we took some of their cards instead! :-)
Here's what we made ...
Stamped on tags like these ones below and we also made the ones I blogged about here.

The following cards I had already assembled and stamped and they coloured in the mice and Santa's face and added glitter where they wanted!

And I had done a couple like this, a blue and white one and a green & pink one (someone has the pink & green one in their bag though I think! so I haven't got a pic of that). I had cut the card to the right size and they had to punch the stars (or tree shape), stamp the wording, glue together and add the glitter.
Here's some of their creations :-)

TOTALLY overboard with the glitter and stamping hehehee Creativity is what I'll call it!! :-)

I've learnt a few things ... it took too long to do the circle and scallop circle punching for the tags - I should have already pre-done them as well, so all the kids had to do was stamping. I also knew they would use lots and lots of glitter glue so I had LOTS, but I didn't put it all out. The funny thing was though that Mum and Aunty Ruth decided they didn't need any more so now I have spare packets! LOL Oh well they will keep for another day I am sure! ;-) I also needed to have more stamp pads out and have one stamp per pad (saves cleaning the stamps!) OR have several pads the same colour only. Cleaning the stamps was quite time consuming actually, but they were really good at asking them to be cleaned before they changed ink colour (better than some adults I have taught actually hehee).
Would I do it again? Ummm .... yep I think so!
Would I be a teacher full time? NO definitely not! A class full of hyper kids for 2 hours was more than enough for me!!!
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Shirl said...

Sounds like you had a blast! Those cards look great, and I don't think anyone can tell they were actually done by children!

Have a great weekend!

Serene Ho said...

Lovely tags and cards! I've started making mine but now I'm stuck with what i should embellish them with. LOL! Great job!