Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hua Hin Elephant Park

Last week while we were in Hua Hin we went to an Elephant Park. The kids really enjoyed it, although later on Aaron told us that we went to the wrong place because the elephants didn't ride a scooter! heheee (He'd seen a picture of it on a pamphlet so obviously thought that was what he was going to see!)
When we first got there we were allowed to hold and feed a baby tiger (about 1 and a half months old) for a few minutes. Just gorgeous :-)

There was also a little baby Gibbon ... so cute with his nappy on! He was very playful as well. Both Aaron and Maddison said they wanted to take him home!

This lovely Macaw kept the kids entertained for ages as well.
Then we went on an elephant ride. It took about an hour. VERY interesting experience and not something I would like to do everyday all day! A weird feeling being up so high on an old bus seat tied to an elephant! Didn't feel very secure! ;-) I went with Aunty Ruth and had Samuel in the front pack and he slept for a lot of the way.
It was so hot we were glad of the umbrella (which had problems staying up until the elephant rider stuck a nail up along side it! I don't know why they didn't just buy a new one as it had that many patches in it!)
Grandma and Maddison went together.
And Lyndon and Aaron :-) The rider got off and took some photos of them and Aaron was allowed to "drive" the elephant :-)

After the ride we watched an elephant show. A couple of elephants did some painting.
I actually purchased this one - it also has red flowers on it too. :-)
Then they asked for volunteers to "enjoy" an elephant massage!!!! One man did and then Mum decided to as well since no-one else was.She had to lay on her tummy and the elephant stroked with her trunk then did some "stomping"! I laughed at the elephant's expression while she was doing that hehee
The poor man who volunteered had to lie on his back and he got some major stroking from the elephants trunk around his groin and then the elephant stomped on his tummy!!! He was laughing when he got up though so he must have enjoyed it heheehee ;-)
They played some soccer.

and basketball.
And the cheeky elephant in the red kept moving the net on the blue elephant! Aaron said the red one was very naughty and it wasn't fair!! ;-)
After each activity the elephants came up to the audience for a snack. We had a bunch of bananas each to give them.
We also watched a snake & crocodile show. It wasn't that exciting (just my opinion) ... This guy had 3 cobra's out which still had their venom and was giving them each a kiss!! (no thanks!)
The crocodile show was so cheesy! These two guys came out and dragged the crocs out of the water by their tails and put them where they wanted them to be so they could do their 'stunts'!!

Guy in blue was a nutter ... he went away back then ran and slid down on his tummy right up to the croc and gave it a kiss!
Such a showman!
The kids got to feed some baby goats.
And the fish ... whatever next! Feeding fish with baby bottles! The fish seriously sucked the bottle, I have never seen the likes before.
So now the kids are requesting we have baby goats, baby tigers, a baby Gibbon and a baby 'eledent' (Maddison's term) as pets!! Maddison says the "baby eledent with the bell on his neck". And Aaron says "we need the baby goats, and tigers, and monkey and elephant cause we need them at home!" RIGHT!! Can you just imagine the security at our condo if we arrived home with all those animals in tow ... particularly the "eledent"!! hehehee
Thanks for visiting. I'll be back another day with more updates. :-)


Yeong Shong said...

Looks that you've had fun......nice pictures you have there.....wonder if my Grace dare to go so near to the animals!?!

Shirl said...

So much fun! With eledent rides, massage and eledent guys are definitely having a ball! :)

Can't believe New year's eve is tomorrow! Wishing you and your family a Happy happy New Year 2011!

Mrs Frizz said...

baby tiger ... now that is absolutely gorgeous ... and I'm thinking you could get away with lots of cuddles and then ... ummmmmmmmmmm ... no more.

The security man would have a fit!