Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cookies ...

I have made roughly 170 cookies today (well that's about how many I put in the container ... some little people have been sneaking I think while they were on the cooling trays!) ;-)
I did a double batch of gingerbread men and a double batch of plain cookies. But I still have more to do tomorrow.
I had a little watcher (spoon licker, beater licker, etc.!!)

Here's some of the plain ones in tree & bell shapes. Hopefully the kids won't think they are burnt!

I am hoping to have 10 cookies in a container for each kid ... the initial of their first name, tree, star, gingerbread man, star burst (is that what you call it?), bell, and the bear family :-)
Aaron had a gingerbread man and after he'd eaten it came and complained that I had forgotten to put buttons on it! Hahaha ... I told him that it was actually going to be his and his class mates job to do the decorating! (phew says me because that's a LOT of cookies to decorate!)
Grandma and Aunty have arrived safe tonight :-) They look a little bit worn around the edges hehee ... but it's been a long day for them (3am back home for them!). So hopefully they will get a good sleep tonight.
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Penny said...

that is a lot of cookies!

And just to make you laugh (given your email) the word verification today is potty.

annieambriel said...

wowee.. cookies.. christmas cookies.. I wish I was there to lend u a hand lol.

I love baking, totally out of practise for years,,, years!.

They look lovely!!! :)

topkatnz said...

that IS a lot of cookies Rachel - hope you can make the big sacrifice to gobble them up before they go off!
Have a great time with the rellies.

Serene Ho said...

I have just managed to read the few blog entries and I'm enjoying every detail LOL. Looks like loads of fun coming your way and I just love the cookies you baked :)

Shirl said...

Those cookies looks really yummy! If the kids don't want the "burnt" ones, feel free to send them this way! LOL

~Sasha Farina~ said...

save some for me!!! yummy!

Mrs Frizz said...

OMG, those Christmas trees so look like chippie and you've popped on a little distress ink around the edge ... can't believe I said that ... lol ...

and OMG ... you've gotta be mad heading to school with all of them, icing and sprinkly stuff ... said nicely honest ... the patience of a Saint.