Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Butterfly Park

Today Mum, Aunty Ruth, Maddison and I went to the Butterfly Park. I didn't realise that Mum hadn't been there before! Shocking! ;-)
Aaron was at school and Samuel stayed back with my helper because there's a HEAP of stairs so having a pram is useless and it's VERY hot, so having Samuel in a front pack would have been uncomfortable for him and me!
So it was a nice time out for the "ladies" :-)
Maddison hopped and skipped from one butterfly to the next!

I've been several times to the Butterfly Park and this was the first time I have ever seen caterpillars there - lots of them actually and some of the plants the leaves were striped from them. Not sure if you can tell in this pic, but this caterpillar had brilliant blue bits on him.
Lush greenery.

Sometimes I even caught a glimpse of a little "princess" waving at Mummy! :-)
Checking out the turtles. It was nice to see they weren't as crowded this time.
There were heaps of butterflies drinking water from the wet concrete - of course I took several photos!!

And apparently not only butterflies need cooling off ... I caught this Princess dipping her hand into this pond/fountain (gross) and licking her fingers (even grosser!). DISGUSTING!

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Anonymous said...

oh lovely.. great photography.. love all the close up shots :)

topkatnz said...

I love the idea of the butterfly park - beautiful!

Penny said...

:) think that one of M licking her fingers is very cute tho'.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

OMG Madison! yucks. lol... kids!!

Mrs Frizz said...

stunning photos and I'm dry-reaching just thinking about how gross that really is with little Miss M, her fingers and the pond. Ewwwwhh!!!