Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trunki Tanti's

Last week Lyndon bought a 'trunki' for Aaron to use when we go on holiday. Aaron thought it was pretty cool, but so did Maddison! She's really too little for one, she can sit on it, but falls off easily because she doesn't hang on properly and her feet only just touch the ground by tippie-toes! So we decided she was too little to have one yet! BUT ... (there's always a but isn't there!), after a weekend of fighting and temper tantrums on both their parts (his because she was on it and her because she wanted it!) I decided I couldn't face travelling with just one trunki if it was going to be like that! So yesterday I got another one (I left the pink one on the shelf because Aaron would have decided it was his instead of the blue!). And you know ... even having a trunki each Aaron still wasn't happy. He decided the blue one should be Maddison's and he would have the new green one! Honestly, I was about ready to throttle him! Maddison actually dug her toes in on him having the green one ... she pulls it round by the strap and completely looses it if she sees Aaron with her green case!

So this morning I decided it might help if I personalised them and made the blue one especially for Aaron. Rummaged through my rubon collection and found some Maya Road animal rubons that I haven't used. Originally I thought just a couple would do! But oh no, I needed to use the whole packet apparently! LOL Even used the 'M' and 'a' from Maya to put their initial on it. Actually a very hard surface to put rubons onto. It's sort of textured. The heavy black pictures went on easier than the outline ones. The green case worked better than the blue one, although there are a few bits missing on some of the animals (like the frog!). I have no idea how long they will last, but so far the purpose of them as worked. Aaron is happy with his blue trunkie and Maddison tows her green one around and stops every now and again and shows & tells me about the cat and the frog ;-) Here's hoping they are still going to be happy tomorrow!

Here's a couple of sneaks at another LO I've done for Scrap-n-Crop's June kit.

Still haven't started packing ... although I have got my priorities sorted and have started making a pile of what craft stuff I absolutely must take with me! LOL (think once the pile is complete I need to go through it and halve it!!)
Thanks for looking ... off now to think about packing, or maybe adding to my craft pile :-)


Anonymous said...

what a fantastic idea putting those rub-ons on! have a good holiday. safe journey!

fulltime mom

Penny said...

What a cool idea for kids! I like the tiger one. Do they make them for adults?

As for craft packing... take tools, photos and your DT stuff cause you can always buy stuff here.

Hannah said...

I saw tons of kids at the airport with those Trunkis when we went to Fiji. They look like such a great idea! And adding the rub-ons to yours will definitely make them easier to spot in a crowd ;-)
I can totally relate to the tantrum thing ... everything Ethan has, Tyler wants. And it's been that way since Tyler was about 15 months old. Sigh!

LaY hOoN said...

Enjoy your holiday and safe journey !!

Cindy said...

Hi Rachel,

I'll be heading to KL next week to attend a wedding dinner. Of course other than the wedding dinner, I want to do some shopping too. Where do you usually get your scrapbook supplies? I know there are 2 shops in 1U but other than those 2, do you know where else?

Thanks :)

SCRAP-n-CROP said...

oooh.....now i know how the trunkis look like!!! They are available everywhere?

Cindy said...

Rachel, thanks for the info! I will call Val and ask about her shop. Oh well, I just hope I don't overspend. Each time I step in a scrapbook store, I just lost my control. I can spend hours and hours in there :)

Btw, it's nice getting to know you...virtually, haha :)