Thursday, May 7, 2009

Speedway ?!

Yesterday, since we had no power for a while, I had the windows all open and the front door open to let a draft through and the kids spent quite a bit of the morning making a racket in the corridor! They turned it into a speedway and were taking teddy & penguin for rides up and down and in Aaron's case doing some mega spins. It's quite amusing to watch as Aaron gets along at a very fast clip, he uses both legs together to zoom along, whereas Maddison does one leg at a time (a bit like she's walking) so she's not very fast at all. LOL In fact she's rather like a little old lady compared to Aaron heheheee Oh yes - Aaron's claimed Maddison's pink bike as his!! But I think it's more because the red & yellow bike has a crack in the front wheel so he's cast that one off to Maddison (typical older brother style I guess heheeee).

Maddison didn't have a sleep in the morning ... I tried, but it was just too warm, so gave up after half an hour. After school I was cooking tea and walked out of the kitchen to find her sitting at the table completely in the land of Nod!! I spoke to her, tapped her shoulder and she just slept on, but when I picked her up she squealed something shocking!! Anyway I put her to bed and she went straight back to sleep.

She hasn't had a sleep today either! Hope she's not going to do the same again tonight.
I've been busy doing some LO's and cards for Kinda Sweet. I will show some sneak peaks later on today ... haven't taken any pics yet.


Hannah said...

Awww, how cute is that last photo?! I have one of Tyler doing the same thing at our church camp, in the dining hall full of 80+ people! LOL :-D

Penny said...

oohhh... zonked :)

Love the speedway photo - those bikes are such good fun.

Darla said...

Cute! I have several pics of Jonathan at about 18-20 months falling asleep while eating his noon lunch. Peanut butter sandwich halfway to his mouth...heehee! Somehow, every time it happened, it was cuter than the last so I just took another pic!

I like the racing photos and story. You know, I do think there is something to the whole castoff thing. We got Annisia her own litte Pooh truck last spring (because Jonathan still liked to ride his so much) and got Jonathan a little bike. Man, he could find NOTHING good about his own Pooh truck after that. "Wahh! It's broken in the front, the horn doesn't work anymore...etc." He has Annisia brainwashed into thinking the "new" purple one is his and the old blue one is hers. Grrr!

Penelope Gan said...

Have I told you the first photo is awesome?