Sunday, May 3, 2009

Flowers & Punches

I've had a couple of questions on my comments and decided to answer them here, so if you aren't interested then see you next time :-) heheee
Was this flower handmade? Yep ... using a scrap of paper which we rolled and then adhered to the flower shape natural fibre paper.

Take a piece of paper, double sided is preferable, and if it's from your scrap box even better!

Draw a spiral on it, just draw it on lightly though otherwise you see the pencil marks once you have cut it (like mine!).
Cut out the spiral.
Then from the centre start rolling it.

Or if you like the shabby, scrunched look, (or just need to work out some frustrations) then screw up the paper several times like so :-) Then start rolling as above.

Once you have finished rolling it attach a glue dot on the very end and stick it to the underside of the flower.
Then turn it over and there you have it :-) (see what I mean about the pencil marks!)

The border punch I have is a Fiskars Threading Water Punch, which is what I have used for these vouchers.
I really like it and I've used it a lot. It punches through cardstock relatively easily too.
Also I have just bought a couple of new border punches :-) As some of you know Scrap-n-Crop have pretty much finished unpacking 40 boxes of new stock and oh man the punches!!!! There was SOOOO much choice hehehee, anyway I managed to restrain myself and only got two!

The top one is EK Success Fleur De Lis Edger Punch, it can punch through cardstock, but I think it would be much easier with paper. Real good punch for cardmaking :-) And the best bit - you can use the little fleur punch outs too :-)
The bottom one is Fiskars Upper Crest Border Punch, it's really nice too.
There's also this one EK Success Dotted Scallop Edger Punch which is like a baby version of the Fiskars Threading Water punch. Again I think it would be better with paper than cardstock because of the detail. Perfect for cardmakers though!
Thanks for looking.


Serene Ho said...

Hey no fair! you got the border punches before me! LOL! But great techniques!

Penny said...

cool technique :)

Yin Lim said... tat's the Fiskar Threading Water Border Punch..i thought it's the small EK Sucess border punch..i saw the small version of it and wonder how does it punch out to be..thanks, rachael for showing..:)

Mrs Frizz said...

Those wee flowers are absolutely gorgeous ... a dozen would be good!!!!

topkatnz said...

cool flowers ... yep, the Upper Crest punch is fabulous!!

hazel said...

thank you rach, for sharing it. got to try one day.