Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's over ...

But boy did we have fun :-) What a shame there wasn't an art retreat every month! LOL Not sure that my long suffering hubby would be up for that though!! LOL :-)
Just a few snaps from today. I will take photos tomorrow (weather permitting!) of all what I created over the last couple of days.
The first class this morning started with this kit ...

We did a bit of a "stress relief" workout ;-)
And after inking up several pages each I just had to get a photo of our hands :-) mine is top left ... with the dirtiest finger tips!!

Second class we made a gorgeous album, which I made especially for a special lady we know. It's 90% complete, I just have to add a couple more photos and add some journalling. Here I was just inking the edges of the pages.

Third class we made some cards and learnt the bushless watercolour technique. Gorgeous and most of my cards actually turned out okay. I've tried this technique in the past and wasn't happy with the result, but I think I might have been getting the stamp too wet! Here's one card I did.

And here's the two Rachels :-) :-)

Thank you so much Scrap-n-Crop for organising such a fantastic art retreat and thank you Rachel Greig for coming to KL to teach. I think I can speak for all the class participants that we had a wonderful time :-)


Yeong Shong said...

We sure had a good time. It's a pity I can't join today's class. But I will sure be the first few to register if there's more crop party in future.
Btw, you still remember and have the time to shoot those photos. I brought my camera but forget all about it.

Serene Ho said...

So happy to read that you had a blast! Looking forward to see your projects!

Penelope Gan said...

heh heh when Rachel meets Rachel!
Glad you had fun. Love the "henna" fingers!!!

topkatnz said...

Sounds like you had a super time ... do you always wear an apron to scrap, or were those provided for that class?

Shaz said...

hey rach, hehehe.. I think my hands looked the cleanest in the pic!! It was really nice to have caught up and scrap for the first time with you..thank you for commenting in my blog.. i hope we get to scrap again soon.. boy, it was fun, fun, fun!