Monday, May 4, 2009

Aaron's Photography

Today I am wearing my new tee-shirt that Serene gave me when I was in Singapore just over a week ago :-) So I asked Aaron to take a photo of me! This is the result heheheee (told you he was good at cutting off heads!) Anyway you see the tee-shirt and that was what I wanted! It's cool aye. Aaron tells me that (from left to right) "it's a man, and then Aaron, that's Maddison and that one is a lady"! LOL I said this is Daddy and this is Mummy, and he said NOOOOO it's a man and a lady! snigger snigger

So because I handed him the camera he took about 45 other photos (yes I think he might be my son LOL). Here's his craft desk sitting amongst the puddles of glue! I think I need to buy some more glue after this morning's creations!
Some random picks of feet & string. (love those toes heheee)

So then I took a photo of him (just so I could get the camera back!). He wanted me to take a photo of him tying up my craft cupboard with string!

Happy Monday to you all.


Serene Ho said...

haha! Thanks heaps! Aaron is so funny ... i said it before and I say it again ... your kids make me laugh in my heart!

A budding photographer Aaron is!

topkatnz said...

hahaha!! such a man!! ... love the Tshirt ... it's your stick figure family!!! how cool ....

Penny said...

Hee hee! Cool t-shirt ;-)

tim takes pictures of his toys and other gadgets. ;)