Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A local taste ...

Thought I would share today some pictures for my NZ readers heheehee ... you should really come and visit you know. I could take you to some great places :-)
Sunday evening we went to a local Chinese restaurant for tea. Now when I say local, I mean it's not like our Chinese restaurants we have back home! They aren't 'westernised'.
For example ... they keep there fire extinguisher in a box. The seating is okay for sitting on, but you definitely wouldn't want to eat off it!

This is the "inside" kitchen where the drinks are made.
When you order Chinese tea the little cups come in a container of boiling water, so you rinse them around, take them out and then use the hot water to wash your utensils :-) hehehee (Who would have thought I would be laughing at that! LOL)

Chinese tea

Just a tidy corner of the restaurant!

Certificate on the wall (been there for a while by the looks!).

You get your chilled water served in a glass like this :-)

This was some sort of fish dish - can't remember the name sorry, but I had to turn the dish around so the "eyes" weren't looking at me. I still can't like that!

And unfortunately I didn't get a photo of this dish until it was nearly finished ... any guesses to what it was?
Frogs!!! (oh yeah ... I passed on that one thanks!)
This was the outside kitchen - right on the side of the road basically.
If you wanted to you could choose which fish you wanted.

And which frog!!!

Aaron was quite fascinated by the frogs! No, we don't need one as a pet thanks very much hehehee

But aside from the "localness" (is that such a word?) of it ... the food was very delicious. We enjoyed it all and yep, we'll go back :-)


Mrs Frizz said...

OMG you so would not want to have heard what just came out of my mouth reading this post ... unprintable!!!

Alia said...

Thought you were in Indonesia, notice from one of your pics.

Penny said...

Well I'm all for eating local but I don't know about the frogs... I wouldn't want to pick one first. I think I could try one once it was cooked up.

The mildewy chairs make an atmospheric touch!

topkatnz said...

oh I love this post ... fascinating ... I wouldn't want the fishes eyes facing me either!! ... and at least with washing your own teacups and utensils you know they are clean!!!LOL

Penelope Gan said...

the juxtaposition and irony is humourous. well done in telling a story via photos. great stuff.

can't say much about the "brrp... brrp... bbrrppp... bbrrrppp..."

Cindy said...

Haha...your photos reminds me of how Malaysian we are :) I have to admit that the frog is one of my fav dish! It's taste really good if you stop thinking that it's a frog :)