Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Photo catch up

Just realised I haven't got any photos to share from Mothers Day ... oh well ... tomorrow's another day!
Monday I caught Aaron "sharing" Aunty Pearl's breakfast!!!! Apparently he had done this on Sunday as well, so she knew to make a bit extra the next morning! LOL (he had already had his breakfast too!).

We had a delicious Korean meal cooked for us on Monday night by one of our visitors :-) My table ware leaves a bit to be desired, but it still tasted yum! Underneath that colourful display was sticky rice. Very moreish and we ate it all :-) heheee

told you!

Maddison had a bit of trouble going to sleep on Tuesday night, so she was up and about while we had a late tea! She did a bit of this ... hanging over the edge of the chair and looking at me!
This morning I took the kids to the playground to try and wear them out a bit :-)

And when we came back inside I put Maddison to bed and Aaron entertained our visitor by sitting on her bed if you please! doing a puzzle ;-)

Tonight while tea was cooking I was in my room and after nearly 10 minutes I thought to myself, boys those kids are playing very nicely together!!! Maybe I should see what they are up too! LOL .... this is what I found (excuse the shots, I am experimenting with my little point and shoot camera (it was closest) and I haven't got used to the zoom lever yet!).
They had got a plastic container of rice out of the cupboard (which had a child lock on it!) and had spilt it in the lounge ... spilt rice goes a LONG way and ends up in EVERY nook and cranny you can imagine!!
What really grossed me out though was they were scooping it up and putting it into Aaron's shoes (yuck) then tipping it back into the container!

Needless to say I threw the lot out! LOL I gave Aaron the little mini dust buster and he enjoyed himself luxing it up. Worked best though if I swept it into a big pile first. The trick was to keep emptying the dust buster though.
And of course Maddison "tries" to have a go, but Mr KNOW IT ALL has to show her exactly how it's done, so she doesn't really get a turn at all!
I asked Aaron who got the rice out of the cupboard ... "Ummmm I think it was Aaron". Hahaa At least he was honest I suppose! Although I am surprised he didn't say "I THINK it was Maddison" (that's what I usually hear!).
Haven't done much crafty stuff this week ... am looking forward to Friday and Saturday though ... going to Scrap-n-Crop's Art Retreat with Rachel Greig. :-)


topkatnz said...

hahahaha ... well that Korean dish looked very yum ... but, now I'm suspicious of the rice ...???????????LOL

APK said...

Rachel, your kids are just so super cute!!!

Penny said...

Mmm... food.

Foot flavoured rice?

Penelope Gan said...

Gosh he does housework too?!? :D