Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last day of school for a while!

I got a couple of small bunches of flowers for the kids teachers this afternoon and when I went to pick them up from school gave them a bunch each to give to their teacher! Aaron gave his to Ms Jane fine, but Maddison! Honestly!!! She carted the flowers all around, then gave them to me and blew me a kiss, so I explained that she had to give them to Ms Sue, so she did and then snatched them back! (whoops!)
Here's a pic of them with their teacher. (Forgot to ask if I could blog their pics so have blurred their face just in case.)
Aaron and Ms Jane ... only when I downloaded these pics did I realise he had the waist band of his shorts turned in and his tee-shirt tucked into his undies! NICE ;-) And that smile ... that's the new face we have when the camera is out!!!

The only photo I got of Maddison looking up - all the rest she's poking at the flowers. I got a cute little wooden hen with springy legs put into the bouquet, so she was quite taken with that.
They also had their bags of school art and work as well as their reports (which I haven't read yet!). I like the cross-eyed butterfly of Maddison's. heheehee

This year they are studying the human body at school, and recently it's been all about hands! So lots of their artwork has involved tracing their hands.
Happy Father's Day cards for Daddy!

This is the little verse in the inside ...

Maddison's Sunflower.
Maddison's duck.

Maddison's cottonbud painting ;-) Do you have room on your fridge for this lovely piece of artwork Nana?? :-)

And remember this story? I didn't get to taking a photo of his "spots" face at school, but it was in the bag ;-) They even have the hair pretty right LOL (not sure his ears are that close to his eyes though hahaha)

Aaron's sun.
Aaron's free-hand colouring. He's getting pretty good at staying nearly in the lines (as long as he's not distracted!).

Okay - off to finish the packing, then cleaning the fridge! Kids are both asleep and Lyndon is on his way home :-)


Nilla said...

Rach, have a nice trip and see you as soon as you get back! Hugs Nilla

Darla said...

Oooh! going home? I want to see your mom and dad too! {pout}! We haven't made any further plans about coming your ways...state of the economic world and all. ugh.