Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Ramblings

An interesting day! Got up this morning to discover the fridge door hadn't been shut properly! It was sort of warm inside! Dash it all. Fridge has a beeper on the door, but it was shut enough to push that alarm switch in so it thought it was closed properly! After breakfast the kids hooned up and down the corridor again, they played skittles with the neighbours big plastic water bottles (the ones that fit onto a water filter dispenser) that were outside their door ... with their trikes as the bowling ball no less! Maddison had a sleep before lunch ~ YAY ~ only 2nd one this week, they came home from school with mothers day cards and pictures they had made (will take pics and blog them another day), Maddison's teacher said Maddison was in a very happy mood today! (I said probably because she had a sleep this morning LOL) :-) While they were at school I did another LO. Aaron requested pizza for tea ... didn't take much persuasion to be honest! After tea Aaron came to me and said Maddison had "lost" her dummy out the window! Right ... Maddison was very unconcerned about it all so I suspect (no proof of course!), that she left it on the couch and it just "hopped" into Aaron's hand and flew out the window all on it's own! Of course Aaron insisted we go and look for it, but that was a waste of time ... nowhere to be found at all (good job she has more than 1 dummy is all I can say!). They didn't want to get in the bath tonight, then didn't want to get out of it (so typical!), Aaron was asleep within 10 minutes of the light being out ... Maddison took about 50 minutes! Sigh
Took these pics after they got home from school. They had a bottle of strawberry milk each (a wee treat!) :-) This is the reaction I got when I asked them both to smile ... I actually got the camera out so I could take a photo of Maddison's little (well big, but cute!) tummy heheheee You can sort of see it in that pic - her tee-shirt is stretched over it. grin

I like that pic of Aaron ... you might just see that one in a LO soon ;-)
Scrapping wise ... I did another LO last night and also one today, so here's the sneaks ... they are both for Kinda Sweet. There's 2 sneaks of each LO.

Graphic 45 goodness :-)

So that's our Friday. Got visitors coming to stay tomorrow for a week and I haven't done a thing about their room. That's my job for the morning ... actually I tell a fib ... I have cleared out all the kids toys from there so at least they can walk in their without tripping over (that was quite the task!).
Have a lovely weekend.


Serene Ho said...

What a joy to read about Aaron and Maddison's day. The pictures of them are so cute! Tummy and smiles! Have a great weekend and week ahead!

topkatnz said...

always good to keep track of things ... you'll have to get tougher on Maddison regarding her morning sleep, because it sounds like she really needs it ... that being said, of course, you have quite a bit of disruption coming up, so those routines are gonna be harder ... enjoy your visitors.

Mrs Frizz said...

Love the pinks and greens in your first sneak peek ... look forward to the big reveal.

Little Miss M in the post below, asleep at the table ... too cute!!!

Hannah said...

Very cute photos of the kids!!
Love the sneak peeks too, they look wonderful!

Penny said...

cute puku...

Penelope Gan said...

I'm liking these sneak peaks!
The ribbon/trim is awesome.