Sunday, May 24, 2009

5 more sleeps

and goodness me have I got a LOT to do between now and then!!! Lyndon has gone to Japan for work today and he gets back the night before we leave! So when we arrive in NZ he's going to be a bit shattered me thinks! LOL
So quick catchup with what we have been doing ...
Friday morning at the playground :-)

A rare photo of Maddison on her pink bike! (Usually Aaron's on it!)
Aaron pushing his bike about instead of riding it!
In the afternoon a friend and I put together 4 of these little mini albums of the kids school mates & teachers. 2 for the teachers and one for her and one for me :-) I haven't taken pics of mine yet. Will do that tomorrow maybe.
Saturday Lyndon was away for the day (went to a funeral of one of our friends here). Aunty Irene came and spent the afternoon with us. Bought us lunch and this cake :-) It's called a chiffon cake (I think I have that right) and the green is from pine leaves. Basically tastes like a sponge but it's green (looks to me like a fluorescent green marker got caught up in the mixer hehehee). Nice though and Maddison has eaten way more than her share :-)

Coming home after lunch today Aaron found his shades!
So stylely hehehe (check the ears LOL)

And here's a couple more sneaks of a LO I have done for Scrap-n-Crop's June kit (more old photos heheee). Check out my new Darkroom Door stamps in action :-)


Penny said...

whoa that sure is a green cake! LOL!

Anonymous said...

screw pine leaves - pandan cake my kids absolutely favourite, although the one you had is rather green. :) have you tried an orange chiffon yet, quite yum too.

hope everything is going well, packing and getting everything sorted. i'm amazed you can still scrap, i would be at my wits end.

fulltime mom

topkatnz said...

Well you have got a busy time ahead of you ... the time has come around sooo fast ... eewwwh green cake!!LOL

Darla said...

I like the ears thing with the sunglasses! Very cool!