Thursday, April 5, 2012

On Holiday ...

School holidays this week, so while the little fella is sleeping (sideways in our bed!), I will do an overdue blog update!
Lyndon had booked us in for a holiday in Phuket, but on Saturday (after doing all the bookings) he realized that Aaron and Maddison’s passports had less than 6 months in them. So that was a bit frustrating for him (that’s being polite hehee). He managed to reschedule that holiday for later in the year, and then decided we could go to Penang for this week of the holidays. So that’s where we are now. We left after lunch on Monday and things started out VERY slowly … you can see in the photo the time is 2.37pm and according to the GPS we would arrive at our destination at 4.20am doing 14km an hour!! Thankfully it didn’t take us that long! We arrived about 6.30pm, so was good timing for dinner and bed for the kids!

On Tuesday after breakfast we went for a walk up the beach (which of course resulted in wet sandy clothes!).
I called a halt to the walk and got the kids into their togs and we went back to the beach to build sandcastles.

Samuel basically just ran about and kept running into the sea and several times tripped and went head first into the water … yep I laughed! :-) I was there to pull him out each time, but he did look so funny! Because he was wet he had a lovely sandy bottom!

Lyndon bought some Thai coconuts to drink.

Love the way Samuel bends over to drink!

Then we hosed the kids down and they swam in the pool for a while. We had lunch by the pool and then I took Samuel up for a sleep while the others went for another walk, swim, play.
Dinner that night we walked down to a local cafĂ©. There’s lots of different types of food you can order, so you go and order what you fancy and tell them your table number and they bring it to you.
Lyndon and I had Chinese.
The kids shared a pizza.
Maddison had some trouble with the length of the cheese! ;-)
Samuel guzzled a freshly squeezed apple juice then played with the ice cubes when he thought no one was watching!!

This morning we went to the Penang Butterfly Farm. We had a tour and the kids got to see things that you wouldn’t see just going around by yourself. Maddison is pretty brave at touching and holding different creatures. Here she’s holding a caterpillar.
Stroking a millipede.
Super excited because this butterfly landed on her dress.

Aaron decided to be brave as well and held a branch with a scorpion on it.

And of course Maddison too :-)

A gecko – he got a big fright though when it moved up his arm! He didn’t like that much hehee
Samuel just ran wild and kept heading to the fish pond!! He was determined to get in there … no idea why because the fish were enormous! He would have been eaten!!!
At the end of the tour the kids were given a container with a newly hatched butterfly to release. Aaron’s flew out and landed on his shorts.

Maddison’s needed a bit of coaxing to come out.
Then it was time for an ice-cream!
Heading back home tomorrow. Thanks for visiting.


topkatnz said...

Sounds like a great break away. Samuel looks so cute snoozing in the bed:)

Mrs Frizz said...

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhh on the scorpion ... not in this lifetime [or the next] ...

Sandy Ang said...

Looks like a lovely vacation. Seeing your pics reminds me how long it's been since I've visited Penang.