Monday, April 23, 2012

Another job to do ...

I just walked into the boys bedroom and discovered this!!!  Now he's not solely to blame for the mess ... the 3 of them were making huts!  
So there he is up on top of the toy box playing with some cars wearing one of Aaron's sneakers!  Happy as you please :-)

(It annoys me when I can't rotate these pics!)

Saturday ... one little boy got to check out the Ferrari shop with his Daddy!

That night our Condo put on a Lok Lok night for residents.  (It's food on a stick for my NZ readers hehee)  The truck pulled up, set up it's tiny generator for the lights, put on to boil the water and oil and away everyone went.  You chose the sticks you wanted and then cooked them in either the water or oil.  (We felt a little bit conspicuous because there were only about 3 other 'white' faces there! hahaa)

 So now I am off to sort out the toy bins and make some sort of order in there!
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topkatnz said...

Lok Lok night looks and sounds yummy!

Steeped in Beautea said...

oh dear hope you had fun creating order from the chaos if kids playing in the bedroom lol.

The Lok Lok truck reminds me of Mr Whippy turning up and everyone rushing out to grab a treat lol.

I guess the Lok Lok is a grown up version of that lol

Serene Ho said...

Looks like everyone had fun making the hut LOL. And the food looks yummy!

Mrs Frizz said...

now I know that I could drive a car that looked like that ... honest ... food on a stick ... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...

laughed at the state of the bedroom ... been there, done that!!