Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Today ...

Maddison and I did some baking this morning. I found this box of Dora cupcake mix in the marked down section of the supermarket because it had a damaged box. There was nothing wrong with the contents and it was priced RM2.99 down from RM14.99! Bargain I thought! So I got it and put away for the holidays :-) I have never ever purchased a cake pre-mix before so it was interesting for me. They tasted okay - wouldn't have said it was a vanilla flavour though, more a buttery taste. Kids gobbled them up pretty quick though! Oh and the mixture was for 12 cupcakes, but we only got 8 pretty average sized ones (smaller than my standard size ones!). Easy for kids to do though I must say.

Mixing the batter. (Excuse the little princess's sunburnt face!) ;-)
Carefully carrying to the oven.
Watching them bake.
Decorating ... the fun part! There was a fair bit of finger licking and eating of sprinkles going on (I just pretended not to notice hehee).
Yum Yum!
Samuel ate his from the bottom and left the icing to last.
In the afternoon we made a dolls house out of a cardboard box! I got a book from the library called "Welcome Home, Mouse", it's about an elephant who kicked his ball and squashed a mouse house. So he made a surprise new one from a cardboard box and other recycled things :-) Maddison really liked the story and after we read it she wanted a pet mouse (if you please!) so she could make it a house. I told her I could help make a house, but it certainly wouldn't be for a mouse!

Scrapbook paper comes in very handy for lots of things (especially stuff I've had for ages!). And here's another reason to collect different sized doillies hehee, they make good mats for dolls houses! :-)
We found some plastic dolls furniture in one of the toy boxes so she's quite happy with it at the moment, but I suspect she will want to make a bed, table and chairs etc. like in the story!
Last weekend Lyndon showed the kids a video on YouTube about a guy making donuts at home and baking them in the oven rather than frying them. I can't find the link now to show you, but I did tell him I didn't think he was being very fair showing them that and then heading away for the week, because I knew they would ask to bake them! Sure enough, as we passed a Dunkin' Donuts shop on the way home tonight from spelling tuition Aaron asked if we could make donuts tomorrow since it's a holiday!!!! Thanks Daddy! ;-)
Good job I wrote the recipe down I suppose!!
I suspect that donuts will feature on the menu at some stage tomorrow!! (Wish me luck hehee)
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han.rob said...

Dora cupcakes - how cute!

topkatnz said...

Looking forward to herring how the donuts go:) I have a cupcake recipe book that obviously allows for only miniature sizes too - even by doubling quantities I struggle to get 12 from the mix! Good book though...

Steeped in Beautea said...

Master S looks like he could eat the cupcakes there and then(the shot by the oven). Miss M looks like she is concentrating as she decorates and ices the cupcakes. Master S has it sussed save the best part for last :-)

LOl at Lyndon, thats clever of him doing that. Have fun with those donuts.