Thursday, April 26, 2012

School Trip to FRIM

Yesterday I went with Aaron's class on a field trip to FRIM as they are studying rain forests this term.  

We have been there before (you can read about it here), but because of a few problems we had, we missed out on all what the guide said.  So was interesting for me to hear a little bit more about it.  We spent some time at the museum.  On the entry wall was a big photo showing the size of the park.  

There were displays of stuffed animals - Aaron is really in armadillos at the moment so he was thrilled to see this one!

After we had seen all there was to see in the museum, we headed out to the rain forest.  It is a man made one - started in 1929.

I seemed to be at the back of the group most of the time chasing along the stragglers :-)  So most of my photos were of nature rather than the kids, but that was probably more fun hehee.  Here's some of the things we saw.

Fern fronds
 Moss & lichen
 Ferns growing high up in the trees.
Awesome root systems

Decomposing leaves
Thousands of ants very busy at work
BIG spiders
Tiny mushrooms

Kapur tree canopy - this was really beautiful and amazing to watch.  Trees were about 65 meters high.
Very large ants (around the size of my thumb!)
Fern spores

The leaves here reminded me of autumn colours back home.  We don't have an autumn here in Malaysia, so I got a lovely surprise to see the colours here deep in the rain forest :-)

So that was our morning yesterday :-)

By the way - I learnt something this morning!  You know how I have been having trouble getting my pictures the right way up in blogger?  Well I found this very helpful post :-)  I had no idea my pics were all on a picasa web album!

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Shirl said...

Hi Rachel,

Love those photos you took at the FRIM! I've been there once and I like the place too :)

And thank you for still coming by my blog from time to time. I see that you're now part of the Scrappin Studio team! How wonderful!

Motherhood has been an interesting journey for me albeit tiring. And yes, I haven't been really clocking enough sleeping time for myself but none of that matters when I see them smiling back at me :))

It's a lovely photo on the header, Samuel has grown so much, and is looking a lot like you too! :

Mrs Frizz said...

ewwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhh on the those creepy crawlie things and some of them look far too big in the photos let alone up close and personal!!!

Hannah Blair said...

Looks like a really fun school trip! I love all the photos - yes even the creepy crawly ones! I don't mind them as long as they're not IN my house, LOL! :-)