Friday, April 13, 2012


Okay so I gave in, but I was also sneaky and made them when (a) Aaron was at school and (b) when Maddison and Samuel were busy playing hehee
There was a big mess on my bench and I couldn't even blame the kids!
Baking ...
All iced. Maddison did help me ice them, and that made even more mess hehee I tried out my new red red food colouring (a gel type one) and it's actually red rather than pink, so I'm happy about that! :-)

Basically they taste like scones. Well I think they do. I think if I made more I would melt cheese on mine rather than have glaze and sprinkles!! Maddison declared they were her favourite! (Mind you she does have a sweet tooth.) :-)
Hope Lyndon is up to eating donuts when he gets back from Zurich tonight! :-)
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topkatnz said...

We have a donut maker and those are Casey rather than deep-fried and crispy. Gel colors are def the way to go.

Mrs Frizz said...

oh wow - they look yummo and baked instead of deep fried ... has to be good for you ...

Sarah Patterson said...

wow those look awesome! I'll eat some for you...I've got a sweet tooth too! :)