Saturday, April 14, 2012

Rainbow Cake

I have joined the hundreds, (or is it thousands or millions?) of others that have made a rainbow cake! :-) It's sort of a practice run actually because I would like to make one for Maddison's 5th birthday in July too. ;-)
A lot of people seemed to use cake mixes for this, which I found interesting, so I thought I'd try that too (and the fact I had helpers for a little bit!). This was the only vanilla cake mix at the supermarket closest to us and it wasn't big enough to do the six layers - only managed 5 using 8" cake pans.
And I did something else I haven't done before and bought Betty Crocker's vanilla frosting! (Oh my, it's got to be bad for you as it tastes so good!!) So 2 firsts for me using cake mix for cakes and bought icing!

I skipped the yellow colour since I didn't have enough mixture for 6 layers (and yes I know the rainbow has 7 colours but indigo and violet are both shades of purple right?!)
So here they are cooked ... the recipe used oil instead of butter which was something else I don't think I have done (hope it tastes okay!!).
Layered together with frosting :-)
Then completely covered in frosting :-) And yes I licked the spatula myself heehe
Tomorrow is our 17th wedding anniversary, so we are taking the cake to share with friends in the morning. I am looking forward to seeing their faces when it's cut! I will post some pics of that tomorrow. :-)
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Bernadine said...


How did you find the cake mix?

Ina Paarman is a South African brand - actually Ina Paarman is a a lady who develops all the brands and uses her name as her brand.

So surprised to see it in a country so far away.

Yeong Shong said...

oh my.....that cake is so pretty....I'm so I wish I can bake,...hehe....

Steeped in Beautea said...

oh wow I can't wait to see the cake cut into too. I love the colours you made, they look so vivid. Have fun eating that and celebrating with friends your wedding anny. The donuts in the post looked great but I must admit if they tasted scone like I don't think I would like them lol. I love scones and donuts and I think that would mess with my head lol...looks like a donut taste likes a scone. They sure look fun though.

han.rob said...

Well done! And with the donuts too!
Can't wait to see the photos of the cut cake, I bet it will look fabulous. I must admit that I often use a packet cake mix when I'm doing the kids' birthday cakes, simply because I'm spending SO much time decorating them (they always want themed cakes) that I'd rather get the actual cake part done quickly. I guess it's the same with the rainbow cake. I still haven't tried making one but I might do it for my sister's birthday in May.

topkatnz said...

Never made a packet cake. Never used per-made icing. NEVER made a rainbow cake. Hope yours looks beautiful when cut��