Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Samuel has discovered a hiding place in their bedroom. You can't see him when you walk into the room, but I know he's in there because I can hear him chatting away to himself. :-) He thinks he's the bee's knees when I pretend I can't find him hehee

He also has a dangerous love of climbing!
We went to the indoor playground this afternoon while I was photographing some LO's and I spied him coming down the slide ever so slowly so he could watch himself in the mirror hehee

Must get a picture of him climbing the grill door in the foyer! He climbs up higher than my head!!
Oh and his latest saying is "STOP" ... Yes he says it in capitals and generally when I am trying to stop him from doing something! Little monkey.
Had to laugh the other day at something Maddison said to me ...
I was washing some dishes and she was helping dry them and she said "Mummy when I grow up I'm going to do wiping and do washing and do cooking like you!"
YIPPEE! Can't wait for that day hehee
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Steeped in Beautea said...

oh he looks so pleased with himself in that second photo.

topkatnz said...

He is such a cutie:) I think Madison should aim a bit higher!(grin).