Saturday, April 7, 2012

Back home again ...

Just a couple more pics of our holiday. Time at the pool ... Aaron doing his usual warm up after being in the pool for a while :-)

Samuel hogging Daddy's drink! "Peeze, Peeze, Peeze"!!
Ahhh, that hits the spot! Guzzle guzzle guzzle!
We left midday Friday and headed for home. Samuel went to sleep about half an hour after we started. Maddison was feeling a bit sick, but managed to go to sleep which was good.
Then we hit a really heavy rain storm.
The temperature dropped 11 degs!
An hour later it was back up 12 degs! Crazy.
Today Aaron and I have been working on a school project. He had to make a pond and include the five layers of a pond, a food chain and a life cycle. Finally it's finished! Good job I have a big stamp collection heheee ;-) It came in VERY handy I must say (so did my hot glue gun!). The life cycle was of the frog, and the food chain goes like this ... sun, duck weed, grasshopper, muskrat, cobra, eagle. :-)

I've had a request to update the photos on this. So last Sunday I took some photos of the kids ... here's one of Maddison! I think she's been copying the girls at school with their poses hehee
I will have to try again tomorrow :-)
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Yeong Shong said...

wow...that pond is awesome....

topkatnz said...

Always amazed how big Samuel is getting! Aaron's school project looks pretty darn awesome - well done Mum(grin). Madison actually looks gorgeous in her 'pose':)

han.rob said...

Wow, gorgeous photos. I just LOVE the first one and the last one! Lovely!

Mrs Frizz said...

what an amazing school project and as for the little madam poser ... way too cute ...