Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I was hunting through my patterned paper stash looking for something and found this die cut paper which I have had for ages. Even though it wasn't what I was looking for I decided to pull it out and use it (nothing like being side-tracked!). ;-)
I don't think I have scrapped any pictures of Maddison's first birthday, so here's the first one!

The pink trim and stickers are from Studio Calico kits (available at Scrappin Studio) and the journal stamp is from Darkroom Door.
Here's another little conversation I had with Maddison ...
On Monday afternoon the kids had their swimming lesson and after Maddison had her shower and was getting dressed, she sat on the bed and inspected her fingers and toes.
Maddison - Look at my hands and toes Mummy.
Me - They are all wrinkly like walnuts from being so long in the water.
Maddison - Yeah ... they look like I'm a Grandma!! :-)

heheheee (sorry Grandma)


Penny said...

so little!

Serene Ho said...

This is so pretty :))

topkatnz said...

Very pretty:) I loved shaped papers and have heaps - but then I don't want to use them, so I trace round them!!but then often I can't be bothered and don't even do that so they just sit there! I should just use them!!

Mrs Frizz said...

oh wow ... I'm still sitting here laughing ... that so appealed to me ... sorry Grandma ...

Steeped in Beautea said...

oh that made me laugh too, so cute. It is kinda of freaky though, how the skin does that then bounces back.

Beautiful layout too Rachel.