Monday, March 26, 2012

And another week gone!

This post is going to be full of random things! The days seem to be a bit of a blur at the moment and I am having a little trouble keeping up!
A couple of weeks ago we started some extra tuition for Aaron to help him with his spelling. He's a great reader and his reading comprehension is above average for his age, but he has trouble writing and has very good avoidance tactics when it comes to that! After looking into things we found he didn't like writing because he had trouble spelling. So we are really hoping that this tuition will help him overcome his avoidance of writing :-) He has an hour in the evenings 4 nights a week. Two of those my helper comes and looks after Maddison and Samuel for me, but the other two nights I have to take all the kids. His lesson is from 6-7pm, and because of the timing and traffic we need to leave at 5pm. I have to be super organised ... been a learning curve for me hehee
So the kids have their showers around 4pm and Samuel gets into his pj's. At 5pm we jump into the car and I give the kids their dinner in little take away containers. (When it's the 3 of them it's something that's easy for Samuel to eat like sausages and chippies, or pizza cut into squares, but when it's just Aaron and me I can do rice/veges and meat as he doesn't make such a mess!) ;-) Samuel will eat and then fall asleep!

The parking at the tuition place is hideous! That's why we leave so early!! I double park (along with at least 1,000 others) and as soon as someone leaves, I dive into that vacated park as fast as I can! This street below is one we go along near the place and it's usually 3 cars deep on the left and cars are parked up the centre line. Sometimes people even stop in the middle while they wait for someone to get in, or load something in their car! It's rather frustrating to say the least!

Every Friday Aaron has a spelling test at school and on Friday he bought home his spelling journal - can I just say that I was SO excited to see his progress! :-) He got 8 correct but the thing that most impressed me and made me super proud was that he even tried the ones he didn't know!

Sorry this is sideways - but this is what his spelling test results usually were - he would only write the first letter (if he even bothered to do the test!).

So happy that the extra tuition is giving him confidence to try :-)
On Saturday Maddison went to a school friends birthday party. They had face painting and a clown! (I won't dwell on the fact that she decided to go swimming fully clothed and as a result had to go home with a eco bag wrapped around her as a skirt! Or the fact that I put the wet clothes on the roof of the car (why on earth did I do that?) and forgot them and now they have disappeared! I even retraced where we went but no luck. So cross with myself. The most annoying thing was, I actually thought at the time that I shouldn't put them on the roof because I would forget them! Duh!)

Samuel was a good boy and stayed in the pram for quite a long time and then played on the scooter.
Samuel has a new hiding place! In the cupboard under the sink! I can hear him chatting away and find him like this.

Anyone else out there chat to potatoes? hehee
Sitting in there clutching some potatoes out of the vege basket!

Also want to share some things the kids have said recently.
Coming back one night from spelling Maddison exclaimed "Mummy ... look there's Paris!"
Me - Where's Paris?
Maddison - Over there ... see ... way up high - it's Paris.
Me - Oh I see, you mean that crane looks like the Eiffel Tower in Paris?
Maddison - Yes ... see Aaron, it's Paris!

Heehehee :-)
Me to Aaron & Maddison - What are you two playing?
Maddison - We are playing smurfs. Aaron is hiding and I am finding him in the "billage"
Me - Village, vaa vaa village
Maddison - Yes billage, Aaron is hiding from Gargamel and I have to find him
Me - Okay that's fun, but you say village with a V not a B. Vaa vaa village
Maddison - vaa vaa billage!

hehehee after a couple of times correcting her I just left her to her billages! :-) She can say it correctly now though :-)
Samuel is saying new things every day. I have to start writing them down and do a separate post I think before I forget!

My most favourite though is his word for shower ... it's "wha wha" :-) heheee He stands at the bathroom door lifting up his tee shirt saying "wha wha, wha wha". Makes me laugh :-)
Okay better go and do some chores I suppose. Thanks for visiting. Happy week to you all.


Penny said...

The cute things they say :P

Steeped in Beautea said...

Well done Master A, what an awesome effort. Love that he has the confidence after a few sessions to attempt spelling the words. I love the huge grin on his face. I did have to laugh at Miss M and her swim....maybe the ecobag could be the new trend.

Mrs Frizz said...

that wee man of yours looks so like his older brother ... wowser ...

and woo hoo go Master A with your spelling ... that's absolutely awesome - well done you!!!

Serene Ho said...

This is too funny! And I think Samuel has a good imagination, talking to potatoes hee hee

han.rob said...

Sounds like getting to/from tuition and finding a park is a bit of a nightmare - but SO worth it! Just look at his face, so proud of his amazing efforts. And he should be! Well done, Aaron!

Love the funny and cute things they say when they are little. I miss mine doing that ... you never think it will end, but one day you realise it has :-(