Thursday, March 1, 2012

Real life around here ...

Some pictures taken over the last 10 days.

Samuel has learnt to open the dryer door and I often find him hiding inside!
Bit harder to get out though hehee
Last Sunday we made sandwiches for lunch using Aaron's "recipe" :-) I cut everything for them and they made their own.
Between 4 and 5pm every Tuesday to Friday usually finds us doing this ...

Maddison reading quietly by herself (or sometimes drawing).
Aaron doing his homework and Samuel sitting on my knee having cuddles! (He'd just woken up from a sleep.)
I think we finally have this homework "chore" sorted! It's taken a while. Roll on the day when I don't need to sit with him so he stays in his seat!! ;-)
I suppose it would be more real life if I had pictures of me sweating my way through a huge pile of ironing late at night in the 30deg heat wouldn't it! haha I think I'll pass on blogging those sort of pics!
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Penny said...

I hear you on the homework. I have to do it while cooking dinner.

Mrs Frizz said...

fun and games ... rather you than me ...