Friday, February 18, 2011

We made it to Friday!

It's been a week! I am over coughs, colds, snot & vomit! Oh and the little fella is teething on top of it all and is very miserable (and clingy!). Maddison hasn't got to school the last couple of days. Yesterday she was very snotty (nose wise not mood! hehee) so she came with Samuel and I down to watch Aaron's swimming lesson at school. She was pretty good and sat colouring in her Barney colouring book for a while ... but the last 15 minutes the water seemed to be calling her name as she kept wanting to touch it!!

Aaron showing off his "diving" skill in the shallow pool heheee ... a complete full length body flop! :-)

Last night Samuel was just so miserable, he had a fever and just cried every time I tried to put him down in his bed. So he slept in with me (Lyndon slept on the spare bed!) ;-) (Nothing like sick kids to kick you out of your own bed huh!). Samuel slept okay (for him) during the night considering he's got 2 teeth coming through, his nose is blocked and he was really hot. Maddison decided to do a rather large vomit at 3am ... so there was a bit of activity at that hour of the morning cleaning up, changing beds and showering her. Aaron slept right though! :-)
So today is a quiet one. We are dealing with the laundry!
Samuel has had a big morning nap (usually I only get 40-50 minutes, but he slept for nearly 2 hours this morning!). He woke up happy too and is quite taken with his "new" shoes. :-) We bought these for Maddison when she was 13 months old, she was walking and they were too big for her but they are the smallest pair of crocs you can get! They fit Samuel perfectly hehee
You can tell he's not well can't you! Look at his eyes the poor little chap.

Doing the taste test!
(Maddison did exactly the same ... she even carried one in her mouth rather than wearing them - you can see some pics here.)
Okay off to sort out lunch. Thanks for visiting.


Anonymous said...

I'm really behind on comments at the moment ... I have just been catching up on your blog and your photos, I think I had 4 posts to read! I love the photos of Samuel "tasting" the shoe! Hope the sickies are gone from your house now and you have a fabulous weekend!

Mariam said...

Poor you! And lil Samuel. Iris is ver clingy lately and pooping at the most inconvenient time but I will survive. Laundry is never under control esp after travels vomits and all. Love the picture of Aaron diving! Hugs to all. Get well soon

Anonymous said...

oh no, what a busy few days you had. Hope your all on the up and up and get well soon. Hugs xxoo

topkatnz said...

YAY - nothing better than sick, snotty kids - thanks for sharing hon!;LOL!

Penny said...

Gah - hope the sickies leave your house soon.

Jaime Lee said...

I really enjoyed your stories with your 3 little kiddos. They are all adorable. I hope lil Samuel has recovered by now. Wonder how old is Samuel? My lil L is going to be 14 this coming 28th Feb :)