Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Special Gifts

Last night when Aaron went to get his library book out of his school bag for me to read before bedtime, he "found" the card he made me for Valentine's Day :-) First time I've ever had a Hello Kitty card! heheheee
Inside he'd written "I love you Mom, Love from Aaron" (huh ... American spelling!) ;-)
Today it's a public holiday, but unfortunately Lyndon has to work :-( When the kids had finished breakfast I asked them to take turns with the little camera and get a picture of each other with me with what they had made me.

Maddison bought this heart home on Friday ... we had actually gone home when she realised it wasn't in her bag and was SO upset we had to go back to school to get it! :-)
And of course one with the little fella ... he gave me a sleepless night! hahaa
Today's going to be a busy one ... I have laundry PILED high on the couch to deal with (nothing unusual in that I suppose), I need to bake some cookies for school lunches (and when I need something to snack on!), and tomorrow I am doing a crafty something with Aaron's class in the afternoon and I haven't even done any samples! It was supposed to be a Valentine's craft of some description, but because the only time available for me to come to class is Wednesday I don't think I will make it strictly Valentine's. The girls might like to do something with hearts, but the boys probably won't! ;-)
So I better get to it while Samuel is having a mini nap!
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angelgurl said...

awwww what cute gifts. Even Master S's gift to you. Wow he is starting to loose that baby fat and seems to be growing upwards (from that photo).Have fun at school with the kids at school...

Shirl said...

So very sweet of them to make you Valentine gifts! Bless those teachers from the school :) It won't be long before Samuel makes you his very own gift too!

Happy Valentine's day!

Serene Ho said...

it's so wonderful to receive gifts from our kids :) Wish you success in the craft class!