Wednesday, February 16, 2011

PJ Day

Today Aaron's school were encouraged to wear their pj's to school! He's got long pants on so will be interesting to see if he comes home wearing the shorts I put in his bag. :-)

I was supposed to go to his class this afternoon and do some crafty stuff with the kids. But about 5pm yesterday I got a very nasty attack of vomiting & diarrhea. I am not sure if it's some sort of nasty bug that's going around or if it was food poisoning (we had McDonalds for lunch yesterday as a treat for the kids and I had a couple of pieces of chicken - some treat if that was the cause!). Anyway today I feel more wrung out than a used dishcloth ... so I am lying low! I don't even have a desire to eat chocolate! Very sad! So I have postponed the crafty stuff till another date.
More exciting things ... yesterday morning Lyndon said there was a big moth outside the door.

It was dead, but that didn't stop Maddison from having a good look at it :-)
I told her it was a moth.
Maddison - It's a moff Mummy?
Me - Yes it's a moth.
Maddison - It's a big bad woff Mummy!
Me - No it's a moth - like a butterfly.
Maddison - Ohhhhhh. A woff lives in the woods.
Me - Yes a wolf does live in the woods, but this is a moth.
Maddison - Yes it's a big bad woff - can I show Aaron?
Yesterday afternoon we headed to the playground. Samuel went in his car and thought he was just the bees knees!

Look at how dirty his little toes were when we got back home! :-)
Right off to have some dry toast for lunch! Thanks for visiting.


Serene Ho said...

Hope you are feeling better! Love the dirty toes *wink wink*. Take good care of yourself!

Shirl said...

Oh dear, I do hope you'll feel better soon! I had a good laugh reading your conversation with Maddison, LOL!

Take care, Rachel!

Matt & Amy said...

Hope you're feeling better! Can't believe how quickly Samuel is - 9 months - unreal. He looks very proud of himself!

Penny said...

a pretty moff!

Chee said...

the conversation with Maddison about the moth is so funny....
love Samuel's "car"...

Chee said...

by the way...I accidentally commented using hubby's account...hehe...(yeong shong)