Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pics of the Day

Yesterday's photo of the day ... Samuel enjoying his first big bone :-) We had lamb shanks for dinner and he had a great time chewing away on a bone and wiping it through his hair and all! :-)

Today's pic - Aaron has swimming again for PE for the next few weeks. (I chuckle at his ears every time he wears goggles hehee - he insists on wearing the strap so it pushes his ears out!)

I wasn't going to go to every swimming session this time around because there's lots of stairs and it's a jolly pain with the pram & Samuel, but after today's episode I think I will be!
They did a couple of things in the big pool, kicking the width of the pool using a board and then doing a "knee dive" (or in Aaron's case a sort of belly flop) into the pool, swim to the other instructor (about 3 metres away) and then go down to the bottom of the pool and pick up some rings and swim to the side. There's a few kids that aren't swimming properly and haven't got a lot of confidence in the big pool and Aaron is one of them. But he was super pleased with himself on getting some rings (I was too just quietly as it's a long way down there!) ;-) Anyway on his 3rd and last go he was obviously feeling a bit too sure of himself! He picked up his rings and the teacher had helped him up to the sit on the side of the pool. I saw him sitting there and then turned to watch the next child jump into the pool (as you do!) and when I turned back to look at Aaron (probably 10 seconds later) he's in the pool, under the water, arms thrashing wildly and swallowing goodness knows how much pool water ... he was panicking and so was I! I didn't know whether to jump in or not (and I am not a swimmer!). I pointed at him and kind of yelled at the teacher to lift him up please! Thankfully he saw and heard me straight away and lifted Aaron up so at least he could catch his breath! Phew ... gave Aaron a bit of a scare, but hopefully it will help him realise he needs to respect the water and be sensible! There's a boy in his class who's a great little swimmer (does very nice diving as well - no belly flops for him!) and he was helping the teacher pick up the rest of the rings from the bottom of the pool and I think Aaron thought he could "help" too! Haha ... like I said he was a bit too sure of himself!
Made me realise though that things can happen literally in the blink of an eye and it doesn't matter if you are standing RIGHT THERE, you only need to turn away for a few seconds and they can get into trouble! I think I aged another couple of years this afternoon to be honest!
So I will battle with the pram on the stairs so I can keep my eyes on him at swimming! :-)


Anonymous said...

yummmmmmm at lambshanks, gotta love them lol. Master S sure does look happy about them too. Eeeks at the swimming, I got a bit of a fright reading about Aaron too. Glad he is okay. Sounds to me he will be an awesome little swimmer in weeks to come.

Penny said...

yow that is scary.

topkatnz said...

Oh gosh scary stuff in the pool! Gotta laugh at your wee caveman there gnawing on his bone!

Serene Ho said...

what a scare! Hope Aaron will not be scared off swimming by this experience. Samuel on the other hand is cute with the bones in his hand. Reminds me of the Flintestones. LOL

Mrs Frizz said...

Bone crunching wee fella ... fabbo photo it is too ... and my heart raced a little faster when I read about Master A ... scary stuff and poolside, you really do have to have eyes in the back of your head and be ultra alert.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the photo of Samuel!!! CUTE!

Wow, a bit scary about the pool incident, but like you say hopefully it helps Aaron to have the appropriate amount of confidence for the activity he is doing! Kids are just so unpredictable.