Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Coffee Shop by Day ... Restaurant by Night

Last night we went out with friends to a "local" restaurant. We have been there before (you can read about it here), it's a coffee shop during the day and during the evening it's a restaurant.
I really wanted to take Aunty Ruth there. I am sure she will have PLENTY of stories to tell her family when she gets back home, but I thought she really needed to add this one to the story book :-) heheee
We started out with this dish ... I think it's called Yusheng. You only have this dish at Chinese New Year. It's rather delicious :-)

You pour all the condiments on and the "Chinese" cornflakes.
Then everyone dining at the table takes their chopsticks and help stir it together.
Maddison had a turn ... Aaron was too busy colouring.
I got a picture of this special dish before it was nearly eaten this time :-) Aunty Ruth and I were very brave and tried it too :-) Seriously if you didn't know it was frogs you wouldn't have a clue that's what you were eating. It's very tasty actually.

But I did have to try hard not to think about these frogs that were missing a friend or 3!!!
Here's another view of the restaurant kitchen.
This is where the dishes were done!
And the fish preparation area ... they were taken out of the tank and plopped down on the roadside (seriously they were) then dealt with so they weren't breathing, scales scrapped off, washed in a bowl of water and then back up on the kitchen bench!
Hahaahaa ... kinda glad I didn't see that until after we had our meal! ;-) And I still don't like seeing fish eyes staring at me - I have to turn the plate around so it's looking at someone else!

After dinner we went back to our friends home and the kids played with their dog ... Samuel stood at the door gooing at it, patting it and letting the dog lick him now and again! :-)
The kids had fun with some sparklers :-)
Samuel nearly leapt off my knee with excitement ... his little arms and legs were thrashing about! (So like Aaron haha)
So that was our last evening of January 2011!
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Penny said...

I don't think I could look at that tank before eating... I would feel too sad.

topkatnz said...

ok, trying - hard - to - stop - thinking - about - the - frogs...!

Anonymous said...

That first dish looks pretty nice ... but I don't think I could eat the frog one when there is a TANK of LIVE frogs in the restaurant! You are braver than I, my friend :-)

Anonymous said...

I find it bad enough going to a chinese restuarant and seeing the lobsters in a tank, the frogs would send me over the edge. As for the eyes of the fish, lol don't even get me started lol.

But some great stories for Aunty Ruth to add to her holiday memories :-) The cornflakes looked cute lol I had wondered what the bags on the condiment plate were for.

Love sparklers...

Serene Ho said...

Looks like you had a chinese new year celebration. LOL

allthingspurple said...

i think you meant "low sheng" and not "yu sheng" dearie. Did you lift them as high as you could with your chopstick before you toss back to the plate? If so, you probably will prosper very well indeed this year *grin*