Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Standing ...

Standing all the time! Samuel isn't really happy sitting anymore! He likes to be standing ... the fridge is a favourite place - especially when he can put magnets in his mouth! (That's an orange '0' he has in his mouth, no he doesn't have orange lips hehee)

I looked at him standing at the fridge this afternoon and thought he's too little to be standing there!

He can fit under the dining table and it's a great place to annoy one's big brother when they are taking AGES to eat their dinner! (very distracting for Aaron!)
You know how I like taking photos right!? Well this week I realised that I have taken over 10,000 photos since we got this new camera (that's over 10,000 photos in 2 years and 2 months!) Wow I take 5,000 pics a year! Thank goodness it's digital and I don't feel I have to scrap each and every one of them hehee I am having trouble though some days just picking one photo for our daily album! Some days it's easy to choose, but other days it's really hard. Does anyone else have that problem or is it just me? haha
I am feeling a bit better this afternoon, managed to eat some dinner, but I am still not 100% yet. Going to have an early night!
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Serene Ho said... fast and Samuel's already standing. And 10000 pics? that's a record! LOL Glad to know you are better. stay away from chocolates!

angelgurl said...

yes funny how you can take so many photos with a digital camera. I am pleased I dont print them all, I am more ruthless these days and delete a few.

Hope your feeling better.Master S looks so cute, wont be long before he is running.

topkatnz said...

HAHA - Samuel and I have something in common then! No, Rachel - nobody takes as many photos as you!ROFL But yes, somedays are just more interesting than others - that's why I do my PL weekly - sometimes all the photos are just from one or two days...ssssshhhh! don't tell!

Shirl said...

I really thought Samuel's lips were actually orange! I like the photo of him bugging Aaron under the dinner table, LOL!

I'm pretty sure its easy to hit 10,000 photos with 3 interesting kiddos in the house :D I'm camera happy too, but I tend to take more travel photos rather than day to day ones...maybe I should start...:)

Mrs Frizz said...

yep, he's a big boy now 'Mom' ... and ewwwwwwhhhhhhh on the 'moff' ...

Hope you are feeling better.