Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day ...

What's that you say? heheheee Valentine's Day isn't a big event in this household ... in fact Lyndon can't even have dinner with us tonight as he has a work event :( Oh well ... you get that in the big jobs.
Here's a pic of the kids this morning before school. Aaron has "spirit week" at school this week. Haven't got the hang of all that means, but each day they have different colours or themes to dress up to. Today was pink, red or white or a combo of the three. I asked him if he wanted to wear one of Maddison's pink dresses heheehe ;-) Got a definite NO as an answer! He was super pleased (fake smile and all in the photo) to be wearing his Ferrari top that Lyndon bought him ages ago. It's still a little big for him, but we just roll the sleeves up! ;-)
Last night I wrapped a box of chocs for their teachers (they have 2 each) and Aaron helped me with the cards. They are nothing flash ... mainly because I left it to the last possible minute!
So this morning we put Aaron on the school bus then Maddison, Samuel & I hiked (well actually I hiked while they lounged back on the pram!) up to Aaron's school so I could get pics of him with his teachers.
Then hiked back getting very sticky in the process (man it's hot out there today), and then took Maddison to school. You can tell she's hot ... look at the sweat in her hair ... this was at 9am this morning!
After Samuel had a mini sleep! (story of his life these days). I popped him in the little stroller and back I hiked to Aaron's school to watch his swimming lesson.
I take this silly little pram down for swimming because of the stairs ... man it's horrible to steer after the mountain buggy!
Yesterday he was 9 MONTHS OLD! Goodness me where has the time gone?
Last week Lyndon got this car with an activity centre for him so he can scoot around a little, but mainly stay in one place!! He think's it's a bit of alright! :-)

Heheee ... he's a bit of a trick - as soon as he sees the bathroom door open, he's off like a rat up a drain pipe! He also loves going into the kids bedroom and "sorting" out their toys :-) You can imagine that his "sorting" doesn't go down very well with Aaron & Maddison! heheee
Thanks for visiting. I am off to sort out something for dinner.


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day Rachel. Awww Master S is growing up so fast. Poor Miss M, sweeting at 9.00am ugh must be very humid. Awww at Master A, looks cute in his top lol wonder why he didn't want to wear Miss M's pink dress lol

Anonymous said...

Aww, I love the Valentines chocolate boxes! Miss M looks so cute clutching that one! :-)

Gorgeous photos, as always! Can't believe how fast Samuel is growing up, it's amazing!

Happy (belated) Valentines Day!

topkatnz said...

Valentines day hugs from me(((R)))