Friday, June 3, 2011

This week ...

Has been a busy one with the kids. On Wednesday we had a student led parent conference at Aaron's school. Basically he was to show us his work portfolio and tell us all about it. Was a bit of a laugh :-) He just flicked all through the pages and didn't say much at all heheee Was neat though to see all the work they have covered throughout the year and to see his progress with writing and drawing.

Here he is with his teacher and the cover of his portfolio had 2 photos of him ... one when he started and the other a recent one. He is growing up!

I had a coffee group yesterday with the Mum's from Aaron's class and Samuel and another little girl "chatted" on their Mum's cellphones to each other heheee Samuel is a couple of months younger.
Samuel also thoroughly enjoyed his first ice-block (well the first one all to himself!) :-) I found some little mini ones at the supermarket.

No time for smiles! :-) He was all gobble and go and slobber and slurp! heheee
Back soon with another couple of posts about Aaron and Maddison's sports days (both of which were this morning). It's days like this that I really wish I could be in two places at once.

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