Friday, June 17, 2011

A Date & Some Donuts!

Today while my helper was here I had some time out with Aaron while Maddison was at school and Samuel was sleeping :-) It was sort of a date ... except Aaron chatted away nearly the whole time and I came home with a headache! ;-) He just talked and talked and talked! :-)
We went to a mall and had a look at a few shops ... an Art shop for me, 2 toy shops for Aaron and another just checking out something for Fathers Day which wasn't successful!
We had lunch at Paddington House of Pancakes ... we shared an entree and a dessert :-) I remembered to get my camera out when Aaron's hot chocolate arrived ...

Then promptly forgot about it till we had nearly finished dessert! Whoops! :-)
Blurry photo sorry ... must remind Aaron to rest his elbows on the table when he takes pics so he doesn't move the camera so much!

When we were walking back to the carpark Aaron dived into Big Apple Donuts! He spent ages watching them ice a whole lot then INSISTED that we buy some to share with Maddison and Baby Samuel! :-) (At least he wasn't asking just for himself I suppose!) :-)
So he chose 6 ... a pink for Maddison, a nut one for me, snow one for Samuel and one covered in Chocolate squiggles called Alien for himself, plus a couple of others. (forgot to take a pic of the full box ... sorry)
They went down VERY well :-)

And this little fella thought it was a bit of alright! hahahahaa He had about 1/4 of his one and enjoyed every bit :-) His fake grin that he does at the moment makes me laugh every time!
Tomorrow the kids and I are going to get our craft on before Daddy gets back from Finland! We have a card to make and Aaron found a craft activity for Maddison and himself which he wants to do as well. I will be back tomorrow with photos! :-)
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Mrs Frizz said...

have to say those donuts look divine ... or what's left of them.

blairsboys said...

Aww, cute! I just LOVE going on dates with my boys. I still go on dates with my Dad even now! While I think it's really important for each parents to have one-on-one time with each child, I also think it's really extra special for the opposite sex parent to "date" their children.

The donuts look really yummy!

Serene Ho said...'s so nice you went on a date with Aaron. Great bonding time :)