Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bath Time

I thought to myself last night when I was bathing Samuel that I had hardly taken any photos of him in the bath ... and certainly none in the last several months! Poor deprived child! So tonight I got the camera ready and got some pics :-)
He loves the bath and is getting very adventurous! He likes standing up (which is something I don't like!) and he's just discovered in the last week or so that he can lie on his tummy and kick and splash and wiggle up and down the length of the bath. He thinks he's so clever (which of course he is hehee) :-)

Cheeky little fella!

He also likes to put his chin in the water (and I suspect he's having a taste as well!).
Sometimes you get a huge grin from him ...
Other times the splashing can be a bit vigorous and he gets a face full of bubbles and you hear quite a bit of coughing and spluttering. hehee

He also knows the word bath, because when you tell him he's going to have one, he trots off to the bathroom and will tug and pull at his tee shirt and nappy until it's off :-)
Happy now that I have these photos :-)
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Yeong Shong said... bath time...wish I have a bath tub like that in my home...Elise loves it too...but she only gets to when we are staying in hotels....

Serene Ho said...

Love these pictures! so precious :)

Mrs Frizz said...

fabulous photos and talk about a 'mini-me' of his big brother ... oh wow!!!