Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day 2011

Today it's Father's Day. :-) Kids were excited to see Lyndon back home this morning (he arrived back from Finland last night after they were asleep).
They gave him their gifts this morning and we went out to Tony Roma's for lunch.

Maddison had hers wrapped in pink and gave him a pink card!

I found these little canvas and easels at an art store and thought they would be cute for the kids to decorate and Daddy to display on his desk at work!
Left to right is Aaron's rainbow, Samuel's fingertip painted heart, and Maddison's swirls of colour! Aaron and Maddison wanted to keep painting after they had done their canvas (it's not very big), so I suggested they paint the easel as well.
Pictures with Daddy and their gifts.
At school Maddison had made him a crown and another card :-)
Kiss kiss!
Samuel just wanted to bite his canvas!
I did buy a few other goodies that the kids had on their list that Daddy would like, but I didn't get round to putting them in a basket - so I just told him they were there to enjoy hehee :-) (Chocolate milk, eggs, apples, coffee beans, and I covered the watch and book by getting a watch magazine!) :-)
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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great Father's Day for Lyndon! Cute cards. I forget that Father's Day is different in different countries, but Mother's Day is the same, isn't it? Strange! I guess you guys could celebrate twice, theoretically, couldn't you? LOL! :-D

Penny said...

LOL at the basket ;) Cute canvases

Mrs Frizz said...

I remembered, then I forgot ... but I did get something away to my Dad last week ... the thought was there ... lol ...

Love the look of those wee canvases ... fabulous ... and so very special.

topkatnz said...

Its funny you celebrating Fathers day at this time of year!

Fulltime Mom said...

What lovely canvasses! Where did you get them, at the art shop at Gardens, or Bangsar?

fulltime mom

p/s kids have grown and looking good!