Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our Boys ...

I told you Samuel likes climbing up on the dining table didn't I?!! Yesterday Aaron yelled at me to come and get "Baby Samuel" down because he was "disturving me"! hehee
Look at the little monkey perched up there! No problems with interrupting the game! ha

Hummm ... what's in that hat?
And this morning I came out to find the Master Climber up on the table again with a wooden spoon (he helps himself to whatever utensil he fancies from the drawer in the kitchen!).
Hehehee ... he looks like he's giving me a warning waving that spoon at me! :-)
Any ideas on how to discourage climbing? Taking the chairs away works, but if the kids put them back and I don't realise he's up there as quick as you like!
I found out a way to tire him out though ... make him walk down when we take Maddison to school in the morning :-) By the time we get back home he's nearly asleep hehee :-)
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Anonymous said...

he is a daredevil.....Master Samuel..he does look adorable in those photos though. No advice on how to stop him from climbing though.

Penny said...

he's a monkey!

No advice on how to get him to stop, except for a water pistol. Oh wait... That's for cats.

Mrs Frizz said...

Yep ... he is waving that spoon at you ... delightful photo ... not sure about the climbing though ... that's a bit of a worry ...

So if you need the wee man to go to sleep ... it's gotta be time for a walk ... lol.