Friday, June 3, 2011

Aaron's Sports Day

Today has been a beautiful day ... not often we see blue skies like this! (without all the haze I mean)
Aaron had his sports day this morning and since I couldn't be at both his and Maddison's event Lyndon went to Aaron's while I went to Maddison's.
Lyndon took my little camera and took 105 MORE photos than I did :-) :-) Yay ... I have enjoyed looking through them all.
Here's some of the events that Aaron and his class mates performed.

This was 2 pieces of board with 2 straps on it and they had to walk with a partner.

And this one was a free for all by the looks! A soaking wet sponge which you throw at your friends!! :-)

Spider web (this was the activity that Lyndon "supervised"!).

Afterwards they had a pool party :-)
By the looks of the photos he had a great time :-)

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