Saturday, May 14, 2011

Samuel turns 1

On Friday Samuel turned 1! I still can't believe how fast the year has gone. It only seems like a month or so ago that he arrived!
Our lovely helper arrived earlier than she usually does and so he got to open his first present (well actually he watched while Aaron & Maddison opened it!) :-)

After the other 2 kids were off at school he opened his present from Nana & Grandad :-) He was pretty taken with that. Hasn't learned how to push the driver to make the sound yet though!
And a present from some cousins :-)
Oh look there's a hole here just the right size for my finger!
When Maddison got home from school she "helped" me bake the cakes I needed for Samuel's birthday cake.
Then Samuel watched his presents being opened from his brother and sister :-)
Tigger got a big kiss ;-)
The matching outfit wasn't on purpose! ;-)
After Tigger got taken off him from Maddison he discovered the delights of wrapping paper :-)
Today we put his cake together.
I had track to use for the train but I couldn't get it to fit on the cake board, so we just made do without it.
Now ... who's birthday did you say it was?

That's right ... it's MY present hehee :-)
Thanks, I'll have that ball.
I need to do a taste test!
Hummm ... didn't think much of that :-)
Daddy helped put the track together. Samuel has to taste everything! Here he's chewing on a wooden tree trunk!
Maddison took the ball (boulder) off him and he wasn't happy with that so just had to get it again! :-)
In the afternoon we had some friends come over for afternoon tea and he got some more presents. A soft toy car.
Some lovely books.
This drum got a very big grin! He thought it was great!
He also got a "guitar" which he's using as a phone here heheee (and I confess to taking the batteries out of the guitar after 5 minutes because it is SO loud!). I think I will limit the time the batteries are in that toy for 10 minutes a day and while the other 2 kids are at school hehehee
Afternoon tea ...
Whoops - forgot to put the mini muffins out!
Singing Happy Birthday.
Blowing out the candle.
Oh dear chocolate icing on his fingers!
Giving it a very close inspection.
Doing the taste test!
The piece of cake I gave him didn't have any icing on it so I gave him a little bit on a spoon! :-)
He had a great day today but was sooooo tired he was in bed and asleep before 6.40pm :-) Hope he sleeps till after 6am!
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Yeong Shong said...

Happy Birthday Samuel!!!!
Bigs are always so curious about their younger sibling's toy....I can now see Grace going over Elise's present when she turns one...hehhe

Penny said...

Happy birthday Samuel!

Mrs Frizz said...

Happy birthday wee man ... and tell Mummy that she took some awesome photos of you ...

and tell Mummy that now you are a big boy, you should be allowed your guitar and drums for as long as you want ... go on, tell her!!!

Steeped in Beautea said...

LOl at Mrs Frizz's comment. I was thinking that it was a great idea mummy took the batteries out of the guitar.....Belated Happy Birthday Samuel. What a wonderful way to celebrate being one. Time has flown by. I had a wee giggle in his photos below as well, he is so clever, walking and climbing.

Matt & Amy said...

Happy birthday Samuel! I can't believe he's 1 already. Love his coordinating outfit with Tiger - very well planned!

blairsboys said...

Happy belated Birthday to Samuel! Wow, he is one already?! That year has gone super fast (or at least it feels that way to me). LOVE LOVE LOVE the cake, how cool! And the little muffins. Totally cute.

Great photos!!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

1 already?? how is that possible??!!! slow down Samuel!! Slow down! Aunty Sasha doesn't wanna get old too soon. LOL.. Happy Birthday little guy!