Friday, May 6, 2011


This post is all about Aaron :-)
On Tuesday the topic for his talk at school was about something he collects. So he decided he would talk about Hot Wheels (what a surprise hehee). So he went off with 2 cars in a plastic bag and I cut out some pictures of the box of his latest hot wheels track. He came home that afternoon and the first thing he said was he left them at school because he didn't give his talk today, he had to do it tomorrow. Wednesday afternoon when he got of the bus it was a completely different story! He was VERY upset and was trying hard not to cry (but wasn't very successful!) and he told me he had lost his cars. It was very hard to understand what actually happened as it seemed a bit vague and what he told Lyndon was slightly different to what he told me as well! But it sounded like he lost them on his way to the bus at home time. I put a note in his bag for his teacher on Thursday to ask if she could help him look for them.
Then we started emailing! heheee Apparently he was a bit naughty and got his cars out of his bag to play with when he was told not to and whoever put them back in his bag put them in the side pocket (I didn't think to look in there!).
When I told his teacher I was going to scrapbook a page about it all she said she wished she had got photos of his face because he is so expressive hehee :-) She emailed these descriptions though! ;-)
His face went from -
Assertive - telling the teacher what had happened - to
Indignant - when she asked if he got them out of his bag when told not to - to
Guilty - when the other kids said he had! - to
Bright Red - when she asked him why he had done this - to
Sad - when she told him the cars may be gone because he hadn't done what was asked - to
Hopeful - when she felt sorry for him and sent an email to all the other teachers asking if anyone had seen the cars - to
Stunned Disbelief - when his friend checked his bag and found the cars!
His final face was complete Confusion as to what had just happened!! heheee (I wished she had taken photos too!)
When he got home from school I took a photo of him :-) I might title the scrapbook page "Hot Wheels Drama!" ;-)

This morning Lyndon and I went to watch his school concert (Kindergarten & Grade 1-2 kids). The theme of the concert was "Music Around the World" and Aaron's class sung an Australian song "Kookaburra". They dressed in jeans and a white tee-shirt and we found the cowboy hats and strung corks on them :-) (Aaron is 2nd on the left.)

A couple of kids (standing at another microphone) said "this song is about a" and Aaron and another girl said "Kookaburra". :-)
There were 8 corks on each hat, but apparently they kept getting tangled so the teachers assistant took them all off except for 3! What a shame! Anyway you got the drift about the hats I suppose and that's the main thing.

Then all the Kindergarten kids sung "Save the Earth" together.

Supposed to be singing here!! haha
After the concert we went down to his class and saw Aaron because I knew he wouldn't have seen us sitting in the theater. I had to show him some pics on the camera to prove we were there and yes we did see him hehee :-)
I noticed there was some posters on the wall, they didn't have names on them, but I found the one I am 99.9% that Aaron wrote and decorated! :-)
In case you can't read his writing it says:
She is lovely
She has 3 children
She eats toast and egg
She makes banana cookies! (news to me heheee)
She can do scrapbooking
She likes it when I play my sister :-) (yes I do!, especially when they play nicely together!)
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Steeped in Beautea said...

classic Rachel. I love how is teacher emailed the descriptions of the faces he had while the hot wheels drama went on lol. Glad this one had a happy ending though.

Cute wee poster, must say I could read most of his poster although I couldn't work out what banana things you made lol

Yeong Shong said...

that was one big Hot Wheels Drama...and the note is just priceless....
Happy Mother's Day to you!!

topkatnz said...

Wow - mental torture I'd say:)

Mrs Frizz said...

definitely have to scrap the hot wheels story and I love the teacher's notations ... shame about the camera ...

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is some hot wheels drama! Definitely need to scrap that one.

I just love the costumes, so cute!!

Shirl said...

Just found time to read this post about Aaron :) He is really a drama king, isn't he? LOL

That's a really sweet note he wrote about you! I guess you're 99.9% sure because he wrote that you do scrapbooking?? ;)