Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend fun

Kids were up early on Saturday ... yawn, yawn !!! I am trying to teach Aaron not to "wake" up till 7am :-) He's been coming in to our bed about 5.30-6am and wanting to "Waken up" (his words) right then. So I've been telling him to just lie quiet till the clock says 7am. Hummmm ... it's got to work one day right?? He lies still for about 40 seconds, then his head pops up and he looks at the clock, then "whats the time Mummy". He can read the numbers, so he knows what 7 looks like. He just likes to keep me awake too!! Sigh ...
So after our early start and breakfast we went swimming.

I wonder why Lyndon says his darling daughter looks like something out of a Dr Seuss book?? :-) (think it might be the hair doo??!)

Spied these flowers by the pool ... they were gorgeous.

We went to Ikea in the afternoon and bought Maddison's "big girl" bed and also another bookcase. Here's Aaron helping Lyndon put it together. He quite likes my little craft hammer!!

Check out his tongue hehee
And here's a montage of the madam herself in her new bed!! She thinks she's quite the princess I tell you :-) (you can click on the pic to see it a bit bigger)

Lyndon's off travelling again for work tomorrow ... he's away all week. I am sure the kids will have some fun and games lined up for me!!!


Penny said...

Very cute! I think her "fountain" is sweet and wish MY daughter had enough hair (and would leave hair things in) to do that style! *pouts*

Sooo... the cot is now free for the next one eh? Heh heh.

Hannah said...

Oooh, 5.30/6 is WAY too early, so I don't blame you for trying! I don't let my kids get up until after 7 either.

Maddison's little ponytail is very cute. And she sure looks happy in her big girl bed!

topkatnz said...

Heehee ... I used to put Ashlees hair up the same way ... and had never thought of the Dr Seuss connection! that's priceless!!LOL Mitchell was always and early riser too(I think it's a boy thing) ... I encouraged him to play quietly in his room till 7am(the TV in his room helped!!LOL)...