Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The lovely Heidi has awarded me with a Fabulous Blog award :-)
Thanks Heidi very sweet of you ... some days feels like an adventure without even going outside! lol
So I have to pass this on to some more fab people ... so here they are:
Val (in Malaysia) - a wonderful scrapping friend who just happens to own a fabulous scrapping shop too :-) hehee
Penny (in Malaysia) - another scrapping friend here ... your creativity is very inspiring :-)
Penny (in New Zealand) - my in-real-life blogging friend. Thanks for keeping me in touch with news from home :-)
Sonya (in New Zealand) - a very talented lady. Love her altered art :-)
actually the list could keep going, but I'll stop there!


Anonymous said...

wow ... an adventure without even leaving home!!!LOL!! ... little did I know how these little gestures excite you so!!!ROFL!!!

Sonya said...

Oh what a lovely Blog award! thanks so much Rachel. I am just sorting birthday tea for our youngest at the moment(I am not really on the computer at all-LOL!!)Will pop this on my blog tonight. Thanks again.

Penny said...

why zank you! :)