Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The kids have been playing in "Grandma's" room :-) The toy box is currently in there as well as Maddison's cot, so it's a bit jammed with furniture, but they are having a blast making such a mess with pillows, rugs, soft toys etc! After tea last night I found them playing in the wardrobe!

Here's some sneak peeks of a LO I've done for one of the March kits for Scrap-n-Crop. There's 2 kits available next month and ummmm lets just say I have a bit of work to do this week! (I actually haven't started the 2nd one! whoops!) So I have some homework over the next few days!
For this LO I braved my sewing machine again :-) Really like how it turned out actually.

Today I enrolled Maddison at the Montessori school Aaron goes to. I would have liked her to start next month, but they are telling me that they don't have a teacher available till April for the toddler class :-( But they are going to let me know, so we'll wait and see. She didn't go to sleep straight after lunch today so I had to take her with me when I took Aaron to school (usually she's completely out to it by quarter past 1). I had an appointment with the Principal so left Maddison in Aaron's class and honestly you would have thought she'd been there forever! She just went straight to the shelf and got out a tray with bowls and spoons and started playing. I couldn't believe it. I think she'll settle in quite quickly :-)
And her big bed! Well she thinks it's pretty cool. BUT (there's always a but isn't there!) she's got very good at climbing out of it when I put her down at night. She's okay for her afternoon sleep, but night time is a disaster! Tonight she's been playing with puzzles on the floor (in the dark) while Aaron is snoring quietly away in his bed! Little monkey she is. I've had to sit beside her bed and basically just keep pushing her head down when she pops it up! Last night and tonight it's only taken about 10 minutes of sitting beside her for her to go to sleep, so that's one bonus.
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Penny said...

That's so sweet she has confidence to "go to school". :-) Lydia was always annoyed to be dragged away from kindy when Tim was going, and she settled comparatively quickly into daycare. I think 2nd children pick up the cues from the first, and if Aaron appears happy and settled she will assume that is the norm.

Good luck with the sleeping! Lydia goes down fine but I often have a little visitor in the early hours of the morning.

topkatnz said...

wow ... you won't know yourself when you finally get her to Montessori ... hope your week without Lyndon is going ok.

SCRAP-n-CROP said...

ooh you gonna have more me time then! lol